STFC: Borg Cube Crew

The crew you need to use when fighting enemies with the Borg Cube in STFC depends on which type of targets you are going to defeat.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game which invites players to assume the role of a commander of a starbase. You have to recruit iconic crews, build powerful ships and explore strange new worlds.

Borg Cube Crew

Update 60, which was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023, announced that for the first time ever, Commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube vessel to their fleets. This  is the first ship in the game that grows in power alongside its Commander.

Since its release, various players have wondered which crew they should assign to the Borg Cube to defeat hostiles.

On the official STFC Discord server, a player called Collateral Damage, revealed that players should only use the traditional hostile grinding crews.

This essentially means that if you are fighting against explorers or battleships, you have to use Pike, Moreau and Chen.

However, if you are fighting against interceptors, Collateral Damage recommends that players use Pike, Moreau and T’Laan.

Every crew needs a Captain to function, and for both of these crews, we recommend that you select Pike, as his Captain’s Ability is crucial for vanquishing enemies with the Borg Cube.

The other crew members’ can be used as officers or as below deck crew members.

Each of the recommended crew members have unique abilities, which can be incredibly useful when you are using your Borg Cube vessel.

However, we recommend that you decide which types of hostiles you want to defeat before assigning your crew to the ship.

Crew members’ abilities

Every officer in STFC has unique abilities that you can use to defeat different types of enemies. The recommended officers’ abilities can be described as follows:

Officer Abilities
Pike Captain Ability: Teaching Moments increases the effectiveness of all Officer Abilities which trigger in combat by 40 percent
Moreau Officer Ability: No Fear decreases the Armor Piercing, Shield Piercing and Accuracy of Hostiles by 30 percent
Chen Officer Ability: Energy Absorber decreases the damage done by its Energy Weapons by 10 percent, however, it only works against hostiles which are level 51 and lower.
T’Laan Officer ability: Objective Defense decreases the damage done by its Kinetic Weapons by 5 percent. Though it only works against enemies level 51 and lower.

How to acquire the Officers

If you are yet to collect the recommended Officers, you should acquire them before building your Borg Cube. The table below outlines how you can acquire the Officers:

Officer How to acquire
Pike You can procure Pike’s officer shards through the Premium Officer chest, the Ultra Officer Chest, the Discovery Officer Chest and the Crucible War Officer Chest.
Moreau Players can acquire her shards from the Premium Officer Chest, the Ultra Officer Chest as well as the Crucible of War Officer Chest.
Chen You can earn her officer shards by completing specific missions, however, additional shards can be gained through the Premium Officer Chest, the Standard Officer Chest, the Crucible of War Officer Chest and in the “Offers” Tab.
T’Laan T’Laan’s officer shards can be acquired by completing missions, but additional shards can be gained through the Standard Officer Chest.

How to build the Borg Cube

Once you have recruited the recommended officers, you can start farming the blueprints required to build the Borg Cube. Keep in mind, though, that you have to be level 28 or higher to build the ship.

Initially, the blueprints can be obtained from the free and elite tracks of the Update 60 Battle Pass. However, the free path will not reward you with enough blueprints to construct the Borg Cube.

Additional blueprints can be acquired by completing The Cube mission chain, which is in your Holodeck.

This mission chain consists of 5 parts, each of which requires that STFC players complete unique objectives to earn rewards.

Cutting Beam

The Borg Cube has a very unique ability known as Cutting Beam. When the Beam is charged, you are able to select the ship that you want to fire upon from anywhere in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.

Commanders should remember that this ability cannot be used on Player Stations, Alliance Starbases and Armada Targets.

The more damage you deal to enemies, the faster the Beam will charge, however, the charging depends on HHP damage dealt in regular combat.

This ability is quite unique, as it bypasses all defenses and does direct hull damage.

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