STFC: Borg Cube Chart

The Borg Cube is unlike any other ship in STFC and to understand its complexity, commanders can use various charts.

As a commander in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you have to help locals, vanquish hostiles and negotiate peace as you complete missions in space.

Before starting a mission, you have to assign legendary officers to powerful vessels.

Borg Cube Chart

Scopely released update 60 on Monday, 6 November 2023, and it revealed that for the first time ever, Commanders level 28 and higher can build the Borg Cube.

Before you can use the Borg Cube to defeat foes and complete quests, you have to build the vessel.

Similarly to other vessels, you have to acquire the necessary blueprints to build the ship. The blueprints can be obtained from the free and elite tracks of the Update 60 Battle Pass.

That being said, you will only obtain a few blueprints from the free track, whereas the elite track of the Battle Pass will reward players with all the necessary blueprints to construct the vessel.

STFC: Borg Cube Chart
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Since you have to purchase the elite track with real money to procure the blueprints, several players choose the free track instead.

If you choose the free track, you have to complete The Cube mission chain, which will reward you with additional blueprints to construct the Borg Cube.

This quest chain requires that players complete unique objectives to earn rich rewards. When you have completed the mission chain, you may have enough blueprints to construct the vessel.

The Cube mission chain

The Cube mission chain consists of 5 parts, each with unique tasks that you have to complete to earn the necessary blueprints:

Part Task
Part 1
  • Meet with the Ex-Borg
  • Defeat the hostile vessel
  • Examine the Borg Cube
  • Donate Tritanium
  • Return to your station
Part 2
  • Check the alarm
  • Destroy the Romulan Explorer
  • Follow the Romulans
  • Kill the Romulan vessel
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
Part 3
  • Check the sensor data
  • Investigate the distress signal
  • Defeat the vessel
  • Scan the system
  • Follow the Transwarp signal
  • Hail the Romulans
  • Flee the Borg Cube
Part 4
  • Build a Borg Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Donate Dilithium
  • Set a course for Rator
  • Disable the Bog Cube’s engines
  • Upload the virus
Part 5
  • Vanquish 15 hostiles of level 28 or higher
  • Defeat the Borg Cube and Beam the Ex-Borg onto the Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base

Borg Cutting Beam

This ship is unlike any other ship in STFC as it features a unique active ability, Borg Cutting Beam. To charge this ability, you must deal damage to enemies. The more damage you deal, the faster the Beam will charge.

Keep in mind that charging the ability depends on HHP damage dealt in regular combat.

Once the Beam is charged, you can attack any enemy in a system, but you cannot attack Player Stations, alliance Starbases or Armada Targets.

The amount of damage that this ability deals is determined by the ship’s level and tier.

The damage that you can deal in PvE and PvP with the Borg Cutting Beam:

Level Tier PvE Damage PvP Damage
1 1 23 000 23 000
10 2 36 000 36 000
20 4 93 000 93 000
30 6 2 400 000 1 200 000
40 8 5 100 000 2 550 000
50 10 17 000 000 8 500 000
60 12 130 000 65 000 000
70 14 3 000 000 000 120 000 000

Technological Distinctiveness

By destroying opponents with the Borg Cube’s active ability, you will earn Technological Distinctiveness. You can refine this new resource in the Borg Cube refinery to acquire Shape Memory Alloy and Advanced Cybernetics.

Players can use the Shape Memory Alloy, which essentially comprises Borg Ship Parts, to upgrade the tier of their Borg Cube.

The Advanced Cybernetics, on the other hand, can be used to progress the new Borg Cube research nodes, which are in the Ex-Borg research tree.

You should note that the amount of Technological Distinctiveness that you get depends on the enemy’s level. By vanquishing a level 20 enemy, you will receive 23 TD, but if you defeat a level 40 enemy, you will receive 225 TD.

Borg Data Nodes

In addition to the Shape Memory Alloy, you also need Borg Data Nodes in order to upgrade your Borg Cube. You will need Borg Data Nodes from one of the 3 factions in STFC, namely Romulan, Klingon and Federation.

When you reach a milestone with your faction ship, you will be rewarded with a Borg Data Node from the corresponding faction, which you can claim in the “Gift” tab. This essentially means that you can procure and tier up 3 Borg Cubes.

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