STFC: Billups

STFC’s update 58 introduced 3 new Epic officers that gamers can procure, one of which is Andy Billups, who has various abilities.

Commanders can put their strategic abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The objective of the game is to expand your fleet by constructing vessels, completing space-based missions and recruiting officers. One of the officers that you can procure is Billups.

STFC: Update 58

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Scopely released the Lower Decks II Part 1 update in STFC. This update introduced many new features.

If you meet the requirements, you can build the new vessel, The Monaveen, and vanquish new enemies, such as Texas-class and Automated Shipyards, with it.

Furthermore, the update introduced various new missions that you can complete to discover more about Star Trek’s lore and history.

Keep in mind that the new space-based quests have certain requirements which must be met before you can accept them.

STFC: Billups

Update 58 also revealed that players can now procure 3 new Epic officers, namely, Carol Freeman, Commander Jack Ransom as well as the brilliant chef Engineer, Andy Billups.

STFC: Billups
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Similarly to other officers in STFC, Billups has several abilities that you can experience during a battle.

That being said, he does not have a Captain’s Maneuver, which means that if you assign him to the Captain’s position on a ship, he will provide no benefit or help. However, he has the following abilities:

Ability type Ability name Description
Officer Ability In Your Element
  • On round start, if on an Interceptor and enemy player has Hull Breach, Andy Billups increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by 60 percent for the round.
  • Isolytic Cascade multiplies your total damage, including Isolytic Damage, and all research and other bonuses.
  • To activate this ability, assign Billups to the bridge of a ship.
Below Deck Ability Two Decks Tall
  • On round start, if you are on a Battleship and an enemy player has Burning, Andy Billups increases your Isolytic Defense by 40 percent for 1 round.
  • Keep in mind that Below Deck Abilities are only activated when they are assigned to a below-decks slot on a ship.

Billups Ranks

As you increase Billups’s level, you will enhance his abilities. For example, when he reaches LT. Commander IV, his below decks ability will increase your Isolytic Defense by 85 percent, instead of 40 percent.

However, when you upgrade his Ranks, you should remember the following:

Number Max level Shards Officer XP Federation Credits Engineering Badge
1 5 100 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
2 10 100 50 000 1 100 Not applicable
3 15 200 500 000 4 500 1
4 20 300 1 250 000 11 500 2
5 30 800 2 500 000 25 000 4

How to acquire Billups

In order to add Andy Billups to your officer collection, you have to collect his officer shards.

Keep in mind that you need to procure a specific number of shards to unlock Billups. To procure Billups’s character shards, players must participate in certain in-game events.

There were several in-game events that players were able to participate in to get Billups’s character’s shards.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official in-game events to see whether or not there are additional events which you can enjoy to claim character shards.

What duty did Billups renounce?

At the time of writing, STFC Commanders can enjoy the Hysperian Trivia event, which requires that players answer questions about the Hysperian Lore.

One of the questions that you have to answer reads, “What duty did Billups renounce upon his enlistment at Starfleet?”

This question has several answers, which are:

Answer Activity
A) Chief Blacksmith Commanders must vanquish a hostile in Kejal
B) Court Jester You have to defeat a hostile in Weh
C) Royal Tinker Players have to vanquish an enemy in Hansoa
D) Crown Prince Commanders must defeat a hostile in Collep

The correct answer to this question is D) Crown Prince, which means that players must conquer a hostile in the system, Collep. When you have completed this task, you can move on to the following question to score points.

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