STFC: Bevod and Hexay

Bevod and Hexay are housing options that commanders can find in STFC’s level 9 neutral system, Later, but it requires a warp range of 5.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can enter a galaxy on the edge of war as different factions fight for the control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

As a Commander of a starbase, you can recruit legendary officers, including James T. Kirk, Nero and Spock. You can also construct iconic vessels to help you explore a limitless galaxy.

Bevod and Hexay

In addition to completing space-based missions and exploring the galaxy, players can participate in limited-time events with unique objectives that you have to complete.

One of the events that gamers were able to enjoy in April 2023 was Private Investigator, which followed the story of Dixon Hill.

From Monday, 10 April 2023 until Thursday, 13 April 2023 players were able to step into the shoes of Dixon Hill and solve cases for civilizations in need.

You had to complete all 4 cases to earn rewards. To solve a case, you had to answer a set of questions based on STFC as well as on Hill’s lore.

Dixon Case #3 read “As you get ready for the day, putting on your hat and jacket, a letter is slipped under the door of Dixon Hill’s officer.”

The letter revealed that his enemies are hiding in a system which is comparative of late and home to hub Bevod and Hexay.

To solve this case, players had to vanquish 15 hostiles in the level 9 system, Later. But since this event was removed from the game, players have been curious about what Bevod and Hexay is.

It has since been revealed that Bevod and Hexay are housing features in the Later system.

Housing in Later

In addition to Hexay and Bevod, there are several housing options in Later. The table below lists the housing options in the system:

Name Slots Location X Location Y
Hexay 16 398 -409
Bevod 16 -239 -522
Teeebow 16 270 482
Bunif 16 557 -122
Javop 16 -69 673
Tabuw 16 65 -264
Dovem 16 101 -589
Fayoion 16 659 192
Heqov 16 -281 443
Suoaex 16 341 93


In STFC, Commanders can essentially move their base to wherever they want, given that they meet the requirements of that specific system.

If you rehouse your starbase, you will be able to explore a different part of the galaxy, which means that you can encounter unique enemies.

If you have a warp level of 5, you can relocate your starbase to Bevod or Hexay, both of which can be found in Later.

If you relocate your starbase to one of these housing options, you will encounter Orion Traitors and Takret Militia hostiles.

These enemies have a maximum level of 11, which means that they are perfect to attack for lower level players. After defeating one of these enemies, you will be rewarded with items that can be used to progress your gameplay.

Bevod and Hexay events

At the time of writing, there has been no other event that mentioned Bevod and Hexay other than the Private Investigator event.

STFC: Bevod and Hexay
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However, Scopely may release additional events in the future that require players to travel to Bevod and Hexay.

Even though there are no other events that mentioned Bevod and Hexay, you can still travel to the housing options in Later to explore the system and vanquish the hostiles.

That being said, there are 4 missions in Later, namely Valley, Corsair, Keep Flying and Cracking the Shell.

We recommend that you complete these missions as they will reward you with rich rewards.

Where to find Bevod and Hexay in the galaxy

As previously mentioned, Bevod and Hexay can be found in the level 9 system, Later.

Since there are so many systems in STFC’s galaxy, it can be difficult to find a specific system. So to make finding a system easier, you can use the search function.

When you open your galaxy map, you will find a search bar at the top of the screen. If you type “Later” in the search bar, you will automatically be taken to the system’s location.

You are then able to send your teams to the system to destroy enemies, or relocate your entire starbase to Bevod or Hexay.

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