STFC: Base cracking crew

Base cracking in STFC can be a difficult task, however, you can use specific crew members to make it easier.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites players to immerse themselves in a fictitious space realm that combines strategic battles with role-playing elements.

The game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, and hence, you are likely to experience similar characters, locations, and storylines in STFC as in the series.

After completing the introductory quests, you will have access to a space station, a ship, and a few officers. In order to get additional ships and officers, you have to advance in the main story arc.

Your ships cannot function without officers and a crew. Some crew members excel in harvesting resources, and others perform best when cracking a base.


Officers are an essential component of a ship, as the ship is nothing without its officers on the bridge and crew below the deck. Every officer and crew member in STFC falls into a category which is determined by their rarity.

Players can thus find common, uncommon, rare and epic characters as they progress in the story. Allegedly, epic characters are better than rares, rares are better than uncommon characters, and common characters are at the bottom in terms of effectiveness.

However, each category can be effective as it is entirely situational. That being said, epic and rare characters are generally more effective than the others in high-level enemy battles and in player-versus-player combat.

STFC: Base cracking crew

Once you have unlocked the PvP mode of STFC, you can attack other players, steal their resources, and gain experience points. Base raiding becomes integral as you progress, especially if you want to progress fast in the game.

Before you can attack a base, you have to select a ship and allocate crew members. Although you can use any ship, you should use the Saladin. The reason for this is that the Saladin has an extremely large gun that fires in the first round.

STFC: Base cracking crew
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This feature is quite important, as most ships do not survive past round one when attacking a base. After selecting your ship, you have to choose crew members. There are several options and combinations that you can use, which are:

Name Description
Kuron The Saladin has a 50 percent chance of attacking twice when Kuron is captain of the ship, but he should be replaced with Khan
Khan Khan should be on all base cracking crews if he is unlocked. His ability provides a reduction in mitigation, which means that one of your attacks hit significantly harder
Harcourt Fenton Mudd Initially, his ability percentage is low. However, once he reaches higher levels, he is very beneficial as he maximizes the damage of the ship
Honorguard Worf He increases the Critical Hit Chance of the ship by a certain percentage, which can be vital during base cracking
Gabriel Lorca If Worf is part of your crew, it is advisable that you use Lorca as his companion. Hull breach increases critical damage by 70 percent, but as Lorca procs at the beginning of the round, it will make a significant difference in the battle

Although there are various options, the best crew for base cracking is Khan as the captain, with Harrison, Honorguard Worf, or Fat Mudd. This crew combination maximizes the first round of damage and reduces overall mitigation with Khan and shield mitigation with Harrison.

STFC: Base cracking crew
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Finding a base

After selecting your crew members, you have to find a base to raid. It is recommended that you go from system to system to find unshielded bases and click on them.

STFC players can view which resources they have, and if you want, or need these resources, you can attack them. If you require other resources, you can search for another base.

Stealing resources

Once you have broken through the enemies’ shield, you have to acquire resources as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, you should use miners, but keep in mind that they do not do much damage.

However, miners have large cargo capacities. At low levels, the Botany Bay will likely be your biggest miner. It also has the highest impulse speed of any miner, so it is advised that you use it for stealing resources.

USS Saladin

Although the Saladin excels at base cracking, it can also be used as a hostile hunter to defeat mission bosses, for PvP and for defeating armadas. To unlock this ship, you have to get Saladin Blueprints.

Hostile Federation ships in level 32 or higher systems drop these blueprints. Alternatively, you can purchase the blueprints at the Faction Store for 200 Federation Credits. Keep in mind that your shipyard has to be on level 28 or higher to construct it.

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