STFC: Bajoran Reputation Levels

STFC’s Bajoran faction has several Reputation Levels you can reach by earning Reputation Points, however, it can never go into the negative.

Star Trek Fleet Command follows the Kelvin chronology of the popular franchise, Star Trek. You can therefore encounter the same factions, characters, vessels, locations and characters in the game as those in the series.

Bajoran Reputation Levels

One of the factions that you can join is the Bajoran, whose reputation levels function differently than those of the other factions in STFC.

This is because this faction is positive-only, which means that it is impossible to lose reputation because of your action.

To unlock this faction, you have to reach Ops level 35 and complete the One Man’s Villain Part 5 mission.

Commanders were able to complete the Doctor Tailor Soldier Spy Part 5 mission during launch month, which rewarded them with a gift that unlocked the faction.

By gaining reputation for the Bajoran Faction, you will reach different Reputation Levels.

At the moment of writing this, there are 11 reputation levels that you can reach, though each level requires a different number of reputation points to reach.

STFC: Bajoran Reputation Levels
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The Bajoran Reputation Levels are:

Bajoran Reputation Level Reputation Points
Neutral 0-300
Tolerated 300-2000
Guerilla 2000-5000
Militia 5000-15 000
Favored 15 000-50 000
Pagh-Strong 50 000 – 150 000
High Metar 150 000 – 400 000
Kohn-Ma 400 000 – 800 000
Ornathia 800 000 – 2 000 000
Resister 2 000 000 – 5 000 000
Prophet Chosen 5 000 000 – 5 000 500

According to the table, you have to earn a significant quantity of reputation points to reach all the levels of reputation.

Keep in mind, however, that your reputation level corresponds to the Bajoran Favors, which allows you to boost loot from the Jem’Hadar and increase Bajoran Reputation to gain cross-game advantages.

Bajoran Favors by Rep Level

Commanders should remember that your Bajoran Rep Level corresponds to the available Bajoran Favors. The following table lists the Bajoran Favors by Rep Level:

  Tolerated Guerilla Militia Favored Pagh-Strong Higa Metar Kohn-Ma Ornathia Resister Prophet Chosen
Bajoran Construction 600   2900   4100   DT 2200   DT 2900  
Kira’s Fury 600/1900   900   4100       DT 29–  
Bajor’s Rage 600/1700     3300   4400 4700      
Shakaar’s Shield 600/1700     3300   4400 4700      
Prophets’ Tribute 500                  
Prophets’ Prize 400/1200   1800 2300 2600          
Prophet’s Reward 600   2900   DT 1900 DT 2100   DT 2600    
Outlaw’s Advantage 600     3600   DT 2100   DT 2600   DT 3400
Materials Trade Route   1900   3600   DT 2100   DT 2600   DT 3400
Officer Training Drills   1400   2600   3500   DT 1900   DT 2500
Lenaris’ Edge   1900 2900   4100   DT 2200   DT 2900  
Stubborn Defense   1900 2900   4100   DT 2200   DT 2900  
Pagh Ascension   1900 2900 3600 4100 DT 2100        
Prophet’s Gift     2100              
Kira’s Fist       3600 4100   5100 DT 2600   DT 3400
Tetryon Abundance       2600   3500   DT 1900    
Crystal Refinery         3800   DT 2000   DT 2600  
Gas Refinery         3800   DT 2000   DT 2600  
Ore Refinery         3800   DT 2000   DT 2600  
Kira’s Sword           DT 2100 DT 2200 DT 2600 DT 2900 DT 3400
Bajor’s Advantage           DT 2100 DT 2200 DT 2600 DT 2900 DT 3400
Dominion Domination 500/500 550 DT 275 DT 275 DT 300 675 DT 300 750 DT 310  
Hostile Efficiency     DT 1600              

Increasing your Reputation

To increase your Bajoran Reputation, you need to purchase Reputation Points in the Bajoran Faction Store.

As your rep increases, so will the amount of rep that you earn from every purchase, and the cost of the rep bundle also increases.

Keep in mind that you can only purchase a Bajoran Rep Bundle with a specific currency. To get this currency, you have to turn in the Hostile Exchange daily in the Bajoran store. Players should note that this has a 22-hour cooldown.

The currency can be obtained by defeating hostiles in Dominion Hostiles in Dominion Space, which can be quite difficult to find if you do not know where to look. Dominion Space is in the upper left corner of the galaxy map.

What should you purchase in the store?

There are several items that you can purchase in the Bajoran Faction store when you have enough reputation points.

However, we recommend that you purchase the Defiant blueprints, though you have to defeat armadas to get the loot to exchange for uncommon, rare, epic and elite chests.

From these chests, you will receive Diplomacy Tokens, which you need to purchase the blueprints. Commanders can purchase 1 blueprint a day for 55 Diplomacy Tokens.

One Man’s Villain Part 5

As previously explained, you need to complete the One Man’s Villain Part 5 mission to unlock the Bajoran Faction.

This mission requires that you kill Jem’Hadar in Rakan before reasoning with Gul Dukat.

STFC Commanders then have to return to Major Kira in Bajor before making their way to Deep Space 9. To complete this quest, you have to return to your station.

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