STFC: Artifact Gallery

The Artifact Gallery in STFC allows players on level 26 and higher to unlock Artifacts, which will provide several buffs to your entire fleet.

Gamers can encounter iconic characters from the classic series, Star Trek, in this exciting game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). It is up to you to expand your fleet by collecting officers, building ships and constructing new buildings in your base.

One of the buildings that you can build is the Artifact Gallery, which was released in update 54.

STFC: Update 54

On Tuesday, 9 May 2023, Scopely released update 54 for STFC, which introduces several new features to the game.

Players can now enjoy Voyager Part 1, which includes a new region of space, the Delta Quadrant, The Artifact Gallery, Formation Armadas, 2 new officers and a range of new missions for you to complete.

The Delta Quadrant is a huge, unknown space that you can make your own. Players can explore several new systems, complete new missions and defeat new enemies. You can also team up with your Alliance to take down Species 8472.

STFC: Artifact Gallery

Update 54 not only introduced new missions, a new space system and new enemies for you to vanquish, but it also added a new building you can build in your base.

The Artifact Gallery is home to a collection of valuable artifacts that have been obtained from throughout the quadrant and beyond.

STFC: Artifact Gallery
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In order to build the Artifact Gallery, you need to be at least level 26 or higher. Furthermore, players have to acquire 100 Artifact Gallery Keys, which are distributed through Gifts.

You also have to complete the Collect and Conquer mission to discover more about the building. If players build the Artifact Gallery, they will be able to access the artifacts and gain additional buffs.

Once you have built your Artifact Gallery, you need to upgrade it to increase the buffs you receive. To upgrade it, players need to procure Artifact Gallery Schematics. You can obtain the upgrading material from the Artifact Restoration chest.

Unfortunately, this chest requires Artifact Tokens, which can only be collected by defeating Formation Armadas.

If you want to open the premium Artifact Restoration chest, you need a premium Artifact Token, which you can earn by leading a Formation Armada

If you upgrade your Artifact Gallery, players will receive buffs to Hull Health, Shield Health and an increase to the Artifact tokens received after defeating Formation Armadas.

Players should upgrade the building regularly, as artifacts have specific building level requirements at levels 1, 5, 10 and 15.

If you continue to upgrade your Artifact Gallery, you will improve the Artifact Restoration chests by adding higher-level artifacts.

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are powerful items that will grant you a wide range of highly-potent buffs. There are many buffs you can acquire, including:

Buff Description
K’T’Inga Scale Replica It increases G4 Material Cost Efficiency for all ship components
Bat’Leth of House Martok This buff increases damage against other players for all ships.
Scotty’s Trident Scanner It increases Ship Part Cost Efficiency for all ship components.

There are several other buffs that you can acquire through Artifacts. It is advisable that you invest the time and effort to defeat the Formation Armadas in order to unlock powerful buffs for your entire fleet.

Formation Armadas

This activity requires that players gather their strongest allies to fight Species 8472 and earn artifacts.

Keep in mind that you can only join forces with other Commanders who are level 26 and higher. As a team, you have to work together to vanquish 3 nodes simultaneously.

These nodes can be targeted by your own Alliance, as well as to any other Alliance in the system. You can then use the new Formation Armadas Directives to start an attack on one of the 3 Armada targets surrounding the core of the Armada.

If you destroy a node, the player who started the attack will receive the Leader’s Chest, and everyone that took part in destroying the node will earn rewards.

If an alliance wants to destroy all 3 nodes, then there must be 3 Commanders starting an attack at each node.

If you defeat all 3 nodes, and the core, you will receive rewards for the Armada as well as the Artifact Shards, which can be used to procure and upgrade artifacts.

Artifact Gallery bugs

Since the Artifact Gallery was recently released, some players have revealed that they are experiencing bugs with the new building.

If you are unable to get the Collect and Conquer quest, you may not have the latest version of the game installed, or you still need to reach level 26.

We recommend that you download and install the latest version of STFC to ensure you have the update downloaded.

If you experience other problems related to the Artifact Gallery, you should submit a ticket to make the developer aware of the issue. Scopely will likely resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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