STFC: Armored Voyager Skin

The Armored Voyager Skin in STFC has caused some confusion amongst players as it does not increase the Voyager’s armor.

Commanders can test their strategic abilities in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). As you progress in the game, you will be able to construct numerous ships, one of which is the Voyager.

A recent update introduced the Armored Voyager Skin, which can influence your gameplay.

STFC: Armored Voyager Skin

Update 58, also referred to as Lower Decks 1 Part 2, was released on Tuesday, 5 September 2023. This update introduced many new features to the game, including new quests, new officers and a new ship.

Players can now also acquire the Armored Voyager Skin, which can influence your gameplay.

The Armored Voyager Skin is also known as the Armored Voyager Refit and if you unlock it, it will provide a new daily claim providing Voyager Materials.

To get access to this refit, players must purchase the Armored Voyager Skin pack, which is available in the in-game store.

This pack is available for approximately $99.99, though it is not mandatory to purchase it. If you unlock this refit, you will be able to claim Voyager Materials on a daily basis.

STFC: Armored Voyager Skin
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For example, you are guaranteed to receive Deuterium Canister, while there is a chance that Commanders can receive Exotic Biotoxins or the Voyager Travel Token.

Keep in mind that the Voyager materials that you receive are subject to change, which means that you may get a variety of materials.

Does the Armored Voyager Skin increase the Voyager’s armor?

The name of the refit has caused some confusion amongst players, as it is assumed that unlocking this refit will increase the Voyager’s armor, but this is not the case.

Players should therefore ensure that they understand the description of the Voyager refit before making the purchase, as the purchase cannot be refunded once it has been made.

How to purchase the Armored Voyager Skin pack

If you are interested in unlocking a new daily claim which provides Voyager Materials, you have to purchase the pack from the in-game store.

Once you have found the corresponding pack in the “Offers” tab, you can follow the given instructions to complete the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to claim Voyager Materials on a daily basis. At the time of writing this, it is undetermined whether there is a specific duration for how long the daily claim will be active or not.

Should you purchase the Armored Voyager Skin?

STFC players should note that all the materials that they can claim from the new daily claim can be procured in the game for free, but it may take longer to procure them if you do not purchase the Armored Voyager Skin.

It is not mandatory that you purchase the refit, as you can progress in the game without it.

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