STFC: Armored Voyager Refit

By unlocking the Armored Voyager Refit in STFC, you will gain access to a new daily claim that provides Voyager Materials.

You can encounter legendary Star Trek characters, locations and storylines in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Scopely, the game’s developer, regularly updates the game to ensure that gamers have the most seamless gaming experience.

A recent update introduced the Armored Voyager Refit, which has caused some confusion amongst players.

STFC: Armored Voyager Refit

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Scopely released update 58, which introduced numerous new features to STFC.

This update revealed that players can now unlock the Armored Voyager Refit and if you unlock it, you will get access to a new daily claim which provides you with Voyager Materials.

It is assumed that players will receive a range of materials by unlocking this refit, however, there is a difference between the guaranteed rewards and the possible rewards.

After unlocking the refit, you may notice that there is a guaranteed reward, which you will receive when you claim the materials. However, there is also a chance that could receive other rewards, but it is not guaranteed.

For instance, it is guaranteed that players will receive Deuterium Canisters, but there is a chance that they could earn Exotic Biotoxins and a Voyager Travel Token.

This refit has caused some confusion among players, as they believe that unlocking it will increase the Voyager’s refit, but this is not the case.

STFC: Armored Voyager Refit
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Do the rewards change?

STFC player, FreeHumanity, mentioned on the official Discord channel that players can procure Deuterium, exotics and a chance at a warp cell, which allegedly cannot be used for anything currently.

This has led players to believe that the rewards do not change, but instead, they remain the same every day.

He also revealed that one would think that this refit would include a hull bonus, hence the name, however, it only provides players with Voyager Materials.

Will Scopely introduce additional rewards to the Voyager Refit?

FreeHumanity stated that Scopely is likely to add Primes for Warp Range, Warp Speed and Impulse Speed to the Voyager Refit rewards.

Although an STFC player mentioned that Scopely may introduce additional rewards, this is  still unconfirmed.

The Armored Voyager Refit was only recently released with a few rewards and therefore, there is a possibility that they will add more rewards to make the refit more appealing to gamers.

How to unlock the Armored Voyager Refit

In order to unlock the Armored Voyager Refit, you need to purchase the corresponding package in the Offers tab for approximately $99.99.

To complete the purchase, you can follow the given instructions after clicking the purchase option. Players can claim their Voyager Materials when they have completed the purchase.

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