STFC: Armada Crew

In STFC, Alliance members can form an Armada group to defeat powerful enemies, however, each group must consist of 3 crew members.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous mobile game that invites gamers to indulge themselves in a fictitious space realm.

The game is based on the well renowned series, Star Trek, which means that you can expect to experience similar storylines, characters, and areas in the game as seen in the series.

Players will begin the game with a space station and a ship, but they will unlock additional ships as they advance in the main storyline.

The game has numerous activities that you can enjoy, such as defeating enemies, joining an Alliance, completing quests, and gathering resources. You can also participate in Armadas, however, you need a specific crew.

What is a crew?

In order to conquer space, you need a crew to pilot your ships. A crew consists of non-player characters, each of which has unique skills and abilities. It is alleged that you will be more successful in the game if you have the correct crew composition.

Your crew members must be optimised, upgraded, and carefully chosen according to the specific situation and the ship that you are using. Some officers perform better when they are allocated to a specific ship, so you should choose your crew accordingly.

Moreover, certain officers specialise in specific activities, such as gathering resources and defeating other players. You have to consider these aspects before you allocate a crew.

STFC: Armada Crew

Once you are part of an Alliance in STFC, you can participate in an Armada, which is a unique fight that up to 7 members of your Alliance can join. Before participating in an Armada battle, you have to choose your crew members.

Even though you can use any non-player character to be part of your Armada crew, some characters will perform better in the battle. If you are in an Eclipse Armada, it is recommended that you use Kirk, Spock and Khan.

Some players may think that this setup is extremely basic, but it is one of the most used crew setups for Armada battles. Players can use this crew for almost any ship, up until the Enterprise.

STFC: Armada Crew
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Keep in mind that it consists of 2 Epic Officers, and as such, lower level players might struggle when it comes to creating crews for Armadas. That is because most Armada crews rely on Epic Officers.

If you are a low-level player, it is advisable that you use Gala, as it will reduce the critical damage your Alliance members take.

Alternatively, you can use William T. Riker as captain with Kirk and Khan in an Armada crew. However, you should use this crew on the Enterprise, as it is an extremely powerful combination.

Riker is considered the best captain for an Armada crew due to his ability, Vibrant Authority. With this ability, he increases weapon damage against Armada Targets by 100 percent in every round.

What if you do not have Riker

Since Riker can be difficult to acquire, players can use alternative crew options for Armada Battles. If you have not unlocked Riker, it is recommended that you use 6of11, 5of11, and Kahn.

5of11 and 6of11 can be sourced naturally, but 6of11 can also be obtained through transporter patterns. Players thus have a higher chance of completing this crew than attempting to unlock Riker.

This crew will help you have maximum mitigation and ensure that you are taking the least amount of damage possible while Khan provides you with a damage boost.

How to join an Armada

Anyone can join an Armada once an Alliance member has started the battle. You should bear in mind that only players who joined the battle in the countdown, and who are within the Armada Hostile’s radius, can participate in the attack.

Alternatively, you can summon an Armada, however, your Operation has to be at least level 23. Moreover, players have to unlock and build the Armada Control Center. Only then will you be able to use Armada Directives to summon an Armada to attack an Armada Target.

Armada Directives are unique tokens which can be used to summon an Armada. Players can get these tokens by completing daily goals or by purchasing them from the Alliance Store.

Armada Targets

Armada Targets are extremely powerful enemies that can only be attacked by Armada groups, as they are too difficult to defeat with normal attacks. STFC players can find these targets in the Klingon, Romulan, Federation star system, and in neutral space.

It is crucial to remember that an Alliance can only have 1 active Armada attack against an Armada Target. However, it can have active Armada attacks against several hostile targets simultaneously.

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