STFC: Are We Alone

One of the events you can enjoy in STFC is Are We Alone and it requires that you participate in 3 other events to earn rewards.

In addition to following the main arcs in Star Trek Fleet Command, Commanders can participate in a variety of limited-time events.

The “Are we Alone? – SMS” event began on Friday, 1 March 2024 and will conclude on Friday, 8 March 2024.

The event’s official description reveals that up until a hundred years ago, one question burned in every Human, that made us study the stars and dream of traveling to them: “Are we Alone?” Commanders level 10 and higher can score points for this event by completing related SMS events.

So to participate in the Are we Alone event, you have to enjoy 3 other events, each with unique objectives. You have to participate in Into the Unknown, Evolving Minds and Strengths in Unity to score points for the event.

For every event that you participated in, you will receive 100 points, which determines the rewards that you will earn.

For every 100 points you earn, you will receive a certain number of Enterprise Coins. In total, you can earn 3000 Enterprise Coins, which can be used to access valuable items.

Into the Unknown

This event is categorized into 2 categories, one for Commanders levels 10 to 39, while the other event is for players levels 40 to 70.

Although there are 2 events, the objective remains the same. For this event you have to vanquish foes that correspond with your level at the time.

However, players between level 10 and level 39 can vanquish any enemy from the galaxy, while Commanders level 40 and higher have to defeat Silent Enemies, which are only in specific systems in Silent Nebula Space.

Evolving Minds

The event’s description reveals that while facing adversity, the crew’s experiences enable them to row as individuals and better understand the cultures of others. This ultimately led to peaceful resolution of conflicts.

To earn points for this event, you have to complete specific objectives:

Objective Points
Gain 1 Power via Research 15 points
Gain 1 Power Building a Defense Platform 20 points
Gain 1 Power via Buildings and Drydocks 40 points

If you complete these objectives and earn points, you will earn additional Enterprise Coins, which can be used to purchase items in the event store.

Strength in Unity

STFC Commanders level 10 and higher can participate in this event to earn points for the Are we Alone event. For the Strength in Unity event, you have to help and contribute materials, resources and currencies to your Alliance.

If you help your Alliance, players will receive an abundance of rewards, including Enterprise Coins.

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