STFC: Archer

Jonathan Archer is a new Epic officer Commanders can acquire in STFC and he specializes in defeating Xindi hostiles with the NX-01.

On Tuesday, 6 February 2024 Scopely released the patch notes for Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) 63rd update.

This update also revealed that the Second Temporal Cold War rages on as Xindi forces turn their backs on those who would have called them allies.

Not only did this update introduce a new ship, but it also added new Ex-Borg Faction Favors, new officers, missions and new cosmetics.

One of the new officers that players can acquire is Jonathan Archer, who maximizes your time on the new Enterprise NX-01.

In order to procure Archer, you have to progress in the Battle Pass as it contains Archer’s character shards. You do not have to purchase the Elite Battle Pass as you can earn 7 Archer shards if you complete the Free Battle Pass.

The Elite Pass, however, will reward you with an additional 14 character shards for Archer.

Additionally, players can complete numerous missions to earn Archer Shards and Commanders can participate in the Recruit Archer Events, which requires that you to spend materials and Armada directives to recruit Archer.

It is worth noting that the Recruit Archer Events are only active on specific days, which means that if you miss out on these events, you may not be able to collect enough character shards to add him to your officer collection.

Commanders must be at least level 20 to enjoy the Recruit Archer Events, as you will have to complete specific objectives to earn rewards.

Archer’s abilities

Once you have Archer, you can use his abilities to attack the Xindi. The following table lists his abilities with a description each:

Ability type Name Description
Captain’s Maneuver Delphic Salvor
Officer Ability Faith of the Heart
  • When you take damage from a hostile or another player, Archer increases your Critical Hit Damage by a certain%age for 2 rounds
  • 5%/10% / 20%/30% and 50%
  • This ability can stack, and it does not trigger at Armadas or Assaults. Weapons with multiple shots will only trigger this ability once per attack.

Recruit Archer Events

As previously mentioned, players must spend materials and Armada directives to earn Archer shards while the event is active. Unfortunately, only players level 20 and higher can enjoy these events to earn rewards.

Commanders should note that the Recruit Archer Events are only active for specific days. We therefore recommend that you consider the following dates to earn Archer’s shards:

  • Saturday, 10 February 2024 to Sunday, 11 February 2024
  • Saturday, 17 February 2024 to Sunday, 18 February 2024
  • Saturday, 24 February 2024 to Sunday, 25 February 2024

Your final chance to obtain Archer’s shards is therefore from Saturday, 24 February 2024 until Sunday, 25 February 2024. If you meet the requirements to participate in the events, we advise you to participate in this event to acquire Archer.


Update 63 also introduced the Enterprise NX-01 to STFC and it is available to players level 40 and higher. If you upgrade this vessel, you can unlock unique rewards, including the new officer Picard High and new Ex-Borg Favors.

Although you can assign any Officer to this ship’s captain position, we recommend that you assign Archer, as he gives a massive boost to Xindi loot drops and a powerful increase in crit damage.

Since Jonhathan Archer is the son of the engineer, Henry Archer, who developed the Warp 5 Engine used by the ship, Archer is meant for the captain’s chair.

STFC: Revolutionaries mission
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Crew recommendations

Once you have assigned Archer to the captain’s chair of the NX-01, you will have to select additional officers to complete the rest of the crew.

Even though you can use any officers to complete the crew, some of the STFC officers have better synergy with Archer.

We recommend that you always use Tucker with Archer as their synergy is amazing, however, you can also choose one of the following officers to complete the crew:

  • Janeway with either Ent-E Picard or Data to receive Isolytic Boosts
  • PIC Beverly as it leans in on the critical damage boots from Archer
  • 5 of 11 as it increases loot boosting
  • Khan: increases your critical rate
  • Gorkon or Lorca: Hull Breach means more damage from crits

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