STFC: Archer Merit Badge

During STFC’s Archer and Shran Trivia event you have to answer a question that is based on Archer’s Merit Badges.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) regularly hosts events to give players an opportunity to complete unique tasks to earn valuable rewards.

The Archer and Shran Trivia – SMS event began on Friday, 2 February 2024 and will conclude on Sunday, 11 February 2024. During this time, you have to answer questions based on the Star Trek: Enterprise series.

Scopely has so far only released 3 questions in the event, however it is believed that additional questions will be added as the event progresses.

The third question in the event states, “How many Merit Badges did Archer earn during his time with the Boy Scouts?”

STFC: Archer Merit Badge
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This question, similar to the previous 2 question, has 4 possible answers, which are:

  • A: 8
  • B: 12
  • C: 17
  • D: 26

Commanders who have watched the series may have a slight advantage over those who have yet to watch the series.

In order to answer this question, you have to complete a specific task, which is listed below:

Answer Task
A Defeat 1 UC Armada
B Defeat 1 Wave Defense
C Mine 10 000 Parsteel
D Mine 10 000 Dilithium

Once you think you have the answer for the question, you have to complete the corresponding activity as quickly as possible to earn rich rewards.

How many Merit Badges did Archer earn during his time with the Boy Scouts?

Since there are 4 possible answers to the question, “How many Merit Badges did Archer earn during his time with the Boy Scouts?” it can be difficult to know which answer is correct.

In order to earn the event’s rewards, you have to mine 10 000 Dilithium as the correct answer is 26.

If you do not answer the question correctly, you will not receive rewards. However, it is believed that you will still be able to enjoy the event even if you answer a question incorrectly.


By answering the third question correctly, you will receive 10 000 Milestone Points, which will reward you with 1920 Forbidden Tech Protomatter as well as 1 Missing Translation.

However, by participating in the event, you will receive character shards for the new officers, Archer and Shran.

Jonathan Archer is the perfect captain for the new vessel, Enterprise NX-01 and therefore we recommend that you participate in the Archer and Shran Trivia Event

Additional questions

As previously mentioned, only 3 questions have thus far been released for the Trivia event. However, it is alleged that Scopely will release additional questions on a daily basis.

This essentially means that there will be 5 questions that you will have to answer while the event is active.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what the other 2 questions will be and therefore, we recommend that you check the event on a regular basis to see when the other questions will be released.

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