STFC: Archer and Shran Trivia

During STFC’s Archer and Shran’s Trivia event, you have to answer questions that are based on the classic series, Star Trek: Enterprise

Scopely released update 63 for Star Trek Fleet Command on Tuesday, 6 January 2024 and it introduced various new features to the game.

Not only can players now acquire the new Enterprise NX-01 ship, but you can also add 2 new officers to your collection.

To celebrate the release of epic officer, Jonathan Archer and rare officer, Shran, Commanders can participate in the Archer and Shran Trivia event.

This event commenced on Friday, 2 February 2024 and it will conclude on Sunday, 11 February 2024.

During this time, you have to answer a set number of questions based on Archer, Shran, as well as the popular television series, Star Trek: Enterprise.

It is the sixth series in the Star Trek franchise and is a prequel to the Star Trek: The Original Series.

According to Star Trek lore, Thy’Lek Shran is an Andarion character which was first introduced in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “The Andorian Incident”.

Jonathan Archer, on the other hand, was the commanding officer of the first starship Enterprise (NX-01) from 2151 to 2161.

STFC: Archer and Shran Trivia
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The questions you have to answer are therefore based on the series and on the 2 characters.

Players who did not watch the series may struggle to answer the trivia questions, however if you watched the series, it may be easier to answer the questions.

At the time of writing, only 2 questions have been released, it is likely that Scopely will add more questions to the trivia event as the event progresses.

Commanders should note that they have to complete a specific activity to answer the question. For every question that you answer correctly, you will be rewarded generously.


If you participate in the Archer and Shran Trivia event, you will have to answer a set number of questions. The following table lists the available questions and their answers:

Question Possible answers Correct answer
What was the name of Shran’s first child?
  • A: Dax
  • B: Talla
  • C: Shroud
  • D: Kim
  • B: Mine 10 000 Parsteel
What caused Shran’s burns as an adolescent?
  • A: Engine Explosion
  • B: Radiation
  • C: Ice-Borgs
  • D: Rugburn
  • C: Defeat 20 hostiles

We recommend that gamers view the event menu regularly basis to see when additional questions will be available. Unfortunately, the next question and its potential answers and tasks are currently undetermined.


If you answer these questions correctly, you will receive an abundance of rewards. It is believed that you will earn character shards for Shran and for Jonathan Archer.

Once you have collected enough character shards, you can add the officers to your collection.

Commanders will also receive Forbidden Tech Protomatter and Missing Translation for answering the first question correctly.

The Forbidden Tech Protomatter can be used to level up your Forbidden Tech, which is a set of dangerous collectibles that you can add to your arsenal.

In order to procure additional Forbidden Tech Protomatter, you have to complete Q’s Trials, which requires that you vanquish enemies to earn rewards.

Officer Jonathan Archer

Similarly to other officers in STFC, Archer has several abilities that you can use to vanquish hostiles from the galaxy. His abilities are as follows:

Ability type Name Description
Captain’s Maneuver Delphic Salvor
  • Increases the amount of resources you get from destroying Xindi hostiles
Officer’s Ability Faith of the Heart
  • When you take damage from a hostile or another player, Archer increases your critical hit damage by a specific amount for 2 rounds.
  • This ability can stack, but it does not trigger at Armadas or Assaults. Weapons with multiple shots only trigger this ability once per attack

STFC Commanders should note that Archer’s CM maximizes their time on the NX-01, especially when he is joined on board by Janeway and Trip Tucker. Archer gives Xindi loot a massive boost and increases critical damage.


According to the update, Shran is the second of three Mining Economy and Efficiency Officers in the Enterprise Arc. This Rare officer also has various abilities that you can use to destroy enemies:

Ability type Name Description
Officer ability Run from no One Shran increases the vessel’s base Warp Speed by a certain amount
Below Deck Ability Andorian Mining Consortium He increases Crystal mining speed by a certain amount

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