STFC: Archer and Shran Trivia Answers

STFC’s Archer and Shran Trivia event requires players to answer a set number of questions, however only 3 have been released.

There are a variety of events you can enjoy in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). Commanders can now participate in the Archer and Shran – SMS event, which requires you to answer a unique amount of questions to earn rewards.

The questions are based on the classic series, Star Trek: Enterprise, which first aired in September, 2001. Players who watched this series would definitely have a slight advantage over players who did not watch the series.

However, it is not mandatory to watch the series to participate in the event. It is worth noting that only 3 questions have been released for the event, but it is believed that Scopely will add more questions as the event progresses.

The following table lists the questions as well as the answers of the Archer and Shran Trivia event:

Question Possible answers Correct answer
What was the name of Shran’s first child?
  • A: Dax
  • B: Talia
  • C: Shroud
  • D: Kim
B: Mine 10 000 Parsteel
What caused Shran’s burns as an adolescent
  • A: Engine Explosion
  • B: Radiation
  • C: Ice-Borgs
  • D: Rugburn
C: Defeat 20 hostiles
How many Merit Badges did Archer earn during his time with the Boy Scouts?
  • A: 8
  • B:12
  • C:17
  • D:26
D: Mine 10 000 Dilithium

As seen in the table, you have to complete specific activities in order to answer the question. We recommend that you complete the activity as soon as possible to ensure that you answer the question while the event is active.


According to the event’s description, players will receive character shards for Shran and Archer by participating in the event.

However, you will also receive a specific amount of Forbidden Tech Protomatter as well as Missing Translation for answering the questions correctly.

Once you have acquired enough character shards, you can add the new officers to your officer collection. The Forbidden Tech Protomatter can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Tech, which will benefit your fleet significantly.

When will the following question be released?

It is believed that Scopley releases a new question for the Archer and Shran Trivia event on a daily basis.

Since the event began on Friday, 2 February 2024 and will conclude on Sunday, 11 February 2024, STFC players can expect to answer 5 questions to receive rewards. The next question will therefore be released on Saturday, 10 February 2024. 

Why should you participate in the event?

As previously mentioned, you will receive Archer character shards by participating in the event. Jonathan Archer maximizes your time on the NX-01, especially when he is joined on board by Trip Tucker and Janeway.

By assigning him to the Captain’s Position, he will increase the amount of resources you get from destroying Xindi hostiles.

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