STFC: Alliance Starbase

In STFC, Alliances can construct Starbases to harvest Plasmas and to receive benefits.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites gamers to indulge themselves in a fictitious space world that combines role-playing with combat elements.

As its name implies, the game is part of the classic series, Star Trek, and thus, you can enjoy similar characters, locations, and storylines as in the series.

You will begin the game with a space station and a ship, and you can unlock additional ships as you progress in the main storyline.

There are numerous activities and in-game events you can enjoy, but some may initially be locked. One of the activities you can partake in is the Alliance Starbase, for which you have to be part of an Alliance.

What is an Alliance?

Just like in other role-playing titles, STFC has a guild feature known as an Alliance. An Alliance allows you to meet like-minded people with whom you can engage in activities.

If you are part of an Alliance, you can help other members with their production and research, and you can also ask for help with your tasks.

Players will also get additional gifts when an alliance member makes a purchase at the Alliance Store. Keep in mind that you have to contribute to the Alliance to reach the next rank. Allegedly, your benefits improve the higher your rank in the Alliance is.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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STFC: Alliance Starbase

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently introduced the Alliance Starbase activity, which gives each Alliance the opportunity to build and expand their Space Station.

Each star base provides unique abilities, exclusive mining nodes, and extra defences for each Alliance member’s base. Before you can get these benefits, you must work with your Alliance to build the starbase.

In order to get the resources to build it and construct a starbase, the Alliance must procure Subspace Superconductors. Almost all of the resources that you need to build the starbase are awarded from purchasing bundles in the Alliance Store.

However, to purchase these bundles, players have to earn Cardassian Loot, or Superior Cardassian Loot, which can only be earned by defeating Cardassian Stations.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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You can find Cardassian Stations in the following systems:

System level System name
  • Rudellia
  • Vanden
  • Arawath
  • Vetar
  • Laon
  • Mora
  • Trelka V
  • Borais
  • Cluster
  • Manora
  • Kora
  • Unefra
  • Andrita
  • Draygo IV
  • Celtris
  • Valo
  • McAllister C-5
  • Cardassia
  • Myyric

Once you have the resources, they can be spent by a Commodore or Admiral member to build the Alliance Starbase by selecting an empty Plasma Storm, or the Starbase card in the alliance user interface.

When deployed, the Starbase harvests Plasma from Plasma Storms across the galaxy. Players can use the Plasma to upgrade the capabilities of the Alliance Starbase.

How to harvest Plasma

Before you can harvest Plasma, your alliance has to relocate the starbase to a Plasma Storm. Only an Admiral or a Commodore can perform this action. Moreover, it requires that the Alliance spend some of its Alliance Reserves.

You can only procure Plasma if you have the corresponding Plasma Harvesters built on the starbase. In other words, you can only collect Magnetic Plasma if you have the Magnetic Plasma Harvesters in your starbase. Once deployed, the harvesters collect Plasma at a fixed rate, which is determined by their level.

Any members with an Alliance Rank of Commodore or higher can collect the harvested Plasma from the Harvester to transfer it to the Alliance inventory.

Plasma Storm locations

You should note that there are 2 Plasmas that you can collect, namely, Magnetic and Collisional Plasma. You can collect them in the following locations:

Plasma type System level System name
Collisional 16
  • Bharani
  • Eizeb
  • Jishui
  • Kaus Australis
  • Ora Leraa
  • Pune
Magnetic 29
  • Morska
  • P’Jem
  • Rator
Collisional 17
  • Aciben
  • Freyda
  • Kaus Borealis
  • Kaus Media
  • Oltomon
  • Vemet
Magnetic 30
  • Ascher
  • Doloran
  • Elequa
  • Emie
  • Galorndon Core
  • H’Atoria
  • Jaq
  • Lloyd
  • Naokyn
  • Nurnias
  • Parka
  • Sahqooq

Alliance Starbase benefits

There are many benefits that you can receive from the starbase, however, the 2 main benefits are:

Benefit Description
Starbase research tree The Starbase research tree can only be accessed once your Alliance has completed the Starbase. Similarly to other research trees, the nodes in the Starbase benefit the individual Alliance member, and not the whole Alliance
Alliance Starbase Modules The Starbase contains modules that either enable functionality on the Starbase or generate a buff for members of the guild

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