STFC: Alliance Reputation

In STFC, Alliance Reputation can be used to research aspects in the Starbase Research Tree, but you first have to construct the Starbase.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek, players can find iconic characters, like Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura while progressing in the game.

All players have to complete 3 tutorial missions to learn and understand the game’s gameplay and mechanics. After completing them, you can advance in the game by following the main quests.

You can participate in activities, join an Alliance, and gather resources among other things. Once you have joined an Alliance, you have to earn Alliance Reputation.

How to join an Alliance

Similarly to other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, STFC has a guild feature that is known as Alliances. Guilds generally require that players cooperate with each other and develop friendships.

Although an Alliance may seem like an insignificant feature to some, it is a vital component of the game. In order to join an Alliance, you have to unlock the guild feature.

Once you have access to it, you can select the Alliance icon to open the Alliance menu. In the menu, you will find a list of Alliances ranked by their power. You can choose any Alliance to apply to become a member.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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STFC: Alliance Reputation

After joining an Alliance in STFC, you can start earning Alliance Reputation, which is a new measure of your connection with your current Alliance. That being said, reputation is unique to each Alliance member.

To earn reputation, players can destroy Cardassian Stations, and they can also purchase Resistance Bounties, Maquis Bounties, or Alliance Altruism Bundles from the Alliance Store. Once you have reputation points, you can use them to research specific nodes in the Starbase Research Tree.

That being said, you can only access the Starbase Research Tree if your Alliance has constructed an Alliance Starbase. This Starbase gives each Alliance the opportunity to build and expand their own space station.

Each Starbase can provide every Alliance member with unique abilities, exclusive mining nodes, and extra defences. However, your Alliance first has to build the Starbase before you can receive the benefits.

In order to construct a Starbase, the Alliance must procure Subspace Superconductors. Once you have collected them, an Admiral or Commodore can construct the base either by selecting an empty Plasma Storm, or the Starbase card in the Alliance User Interface.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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When an Alliance member leaves an Alliance, they immediately lose all of their Alliance Reputation. If you re-join the same Alliance, you do not get any previously earned reputation back. It is thus recommended that you carefully consider your options before you leave an Alliance.

Where to find Cardassian Stations

Players can improve their Alliance Reputation by defeating Cardassian Stations, which they can find in the following systems:

System level System name
  • Myyric
  • Cardassia
  • McAllister C-5
  • Valo
  • Celtris
  • Draygo IV
  • Kora
  • Unefra
  • Andrita
  • Trelka V
  • Borias Cluster
  • Manora
  • Vetar
  • Laon
  • Mora
  • Vanded
  • Arawath
  • Rudellia

While you are defeating Cardassian hostiles, you should gather the Cardassian Loot, or the Superior Cardassion Loot. These resources are used to construct the Alliance Starbase, which can provide you with numerous benefits and buffs.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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Starbase Research

The Starbase Research feature can only be accessed after your Alliance has constructed the Alliance Starbase. Once it has been built, your Alliance can start researching various aspects.

To do research, you need to have reputation points, however, it also depends on the modules that are already built on the station.

In order to commence research, you have to collect a new currency, known as Assembly Medals, which can be obtained from the Alliance Store Bundles. If you start researching and you decide to leave the Alliance, the research will continue.

What is the purpose of the Starbase?

The Alliance Starbase is used to mine Plasma from Plasma Storms. Every time players finish mining a storm, the base has to be moved to another storm. Keep in mind that moving the Starbase uses Alliance Reserves, which you can get from Alliance Store bundles.

The quantity of Plasma that you can harvest is determined by your Plasma Processor. STFC players can upgrade the Plasma Processor to increase the amount of Plasma that they can harvest.

There are different types of Plasma that you can harvest, however, you first have to build the corresponding Harvester.

If you want to harvest Collisional Plasma, your Alliance has to build a Collisional Plasma Harvester. Alliance members can upgrade their Starbase using the Plasma too.

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