STFC: 312 071

In STFC’s Information event, players had to travel to 312 071, and they were able to use the clues to discover the system.

In this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can vanquish enemies, complete missions, participate in events and mine resources.

There are numerous in-game events that you can enjoy to experience STFC in a new, thrilling way. One of these events that you can enjoy is the Information event, which requires that you go to 312 071.

STFC: 312 071

The Information event commenced on Sunday, 11 June 2023 and concluded on Monday, 12 June 2023. This means that players only had 1 day to complete its objectives and earn rewards.

STFC: 312 071
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The event’s description reads, “The Arcaelans must be behind the increased tensions. We need more information regarding their intentions and the role of Species 8472.”

Players had to use the given clues to determine which systems they had to travel to. One of the clues stated that the bearing reads ‘312,071’.

When you have figured out the system, you have to travel to it and vanquish an enemy vessel to score points for the event.

The systems players had to travel to were determined by their levels. Commanders between level 10 and level 34 had to travel to the level 7 system, Yridia, whereas players level 35 or higher had to travel to Razrom, which is a level 32 neutral system.

Trading Information

The Information event was divided into 2 parts, namely Trading Information and Gathering Information.

The latter allowed players who were between level 10 and 34 to enjoy the event, while Trading Information was intended for players level 35 or higher.

All the clues for Trading Information revealed that the bearing reads ‘312, 071’, which made it difficult to figure out which system you had to travel to.

Players did not have to worry too much about the coordinates but focused on the image clue to find the system instead.


Although the event has concluded, some players were unable to find the systems by following the clues. The systems that gamers had to travel to in the event were determined by their levels, as is outlined in the table below.

Question Level 35 and higher Level 10 to level 34
1 Razrom Yridia
2 Think Tank Tellun
3 Vortex Maluria
4 Eviloy Risa

When is the next Information event?

Scopely has yet to release an official calendar indicating when the in-game events will occur. Thus, we recommend that you log into STFC regularly to see if the event is active.

Although the Information event has concluded, there are several other in-game events that you can enjoy.

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