State of Survival: Joker

State of Survival’s developer, FunPlus International and DC Comics, recently collaborated to introduce the famous villain, Joker as a playable character into the game.


State of Survival is a popular mobile game that invites players to experience strategy and survival elements. The official description reveals that it has been 6 months since the zombie apocalypse began. You take on the role of a survivor, who builds a city that can survive the constant waves of zombies.

The game features various heroes for you to collect and play with. You should note that the heroes have different skills and abilities to help them in the fight against zombies. When you start playing the game, you will find that certain heroes are locked. However, you can unlock them as you progress in the story.

Who are the heroes?

It is clear that there are numerous heroes in State of Survival, each of which have different skills and abilities. You should note that you will not be able to fight the zombies if you do not have heroes in your team. Subsequently, you will not be successful in battle and advance in the storyline.

Some of the heroes that you can allocate to your team are Rusty, Ghost, Lucky, Sarge and Maddie. Each of the heroes have a story, which you can discover as you play the game. The developer, FunPlus International often introduces new heroes that you can collect through events and specific activities.

State of Survival: Joker

FunPlus International recently revealed that they are collaborating with DC Comics to introduce a new hero into the game. This means that you can collect and play with one of the most recognizable villains in the DC universe, Joker.

State of Survival- Joker
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He is a homicidal artist and agent of chaos. No name strikes terror onto the citizens of Gotham quite like the Joker. Many believe that he is a complete psychopath with no moral compass whatsoever. He is characterised by his green hair, a permanent grin across his face and his chalk-white skin.

You should note that his psychosis causes his personality to shift between a goofy prankster and a mass murderer within a number of seconds. This makes it impossible to predict his next move. This unpredictability makes him a very dangerous opponent.

Similar to the other heroes in State of Survival, Joker also features unique skills and abilities to aid him on the battlefield.

Joker’s abilities

Since the Joker is a famous DC character, his skills and abilities in the game are very fitting to his personality and characteristics. The following table indicates Joker’s skills and a description of each:

Skill name Explorer description Military description


Once activated, Joker throws a joke-in-the-box at the designated area, which attracts nearby infected and explodes in seconds. Additionally, it releases a laughing gas. Those affected by the gas will enter a state of confusion. Every 6 turns, the hero releases a joke-in-the-box on the target of his attack. This will cause a stun effect which lasts for one turn. Afterwards, it will switch between stun, silence and disarm in that order.

Doomsday Party

The Joke-in-the-box explodes and starts a party. It increases the attack of all units on the battlefield by 100 percent for 4 seconds. Every time a joke-in-the-box is released, it will increase the damage dealt to all allies by 10 percent.


When attacking, there is a small chance of throwing food at the target. The food will explode when it hits a target, dealing 56.4 percent damage. It will also reduce the target’s moving speed by 30 percent. The hero causes disruption to all enemy units. This increases the damage taken of enemy infantry by 5 percent for 1 turn.

State of Survival- Joker
© FunPlus

How to obtain the Joker

It is important to note that you were only able to unlock the Joker as a playable character during the special event, Joker’s Showdown. The event occurred at the end of 2021, and it is unknown if it will be happening again in the future. During this event, players were able to collect Joker chips and cards for a chance to unlock the Joker.

Will other DC Comics heroes feature in the game?

For the time being, it is unclear if other DC Comics heroes will make a feature in State of Survival. However, many believe that they will introduce more characters as FunPlus International collaborated with DC Comics.

Final thoughts

State of Survival is a fun mobile game that allows you to experience strategy and survival elements. It has been 6 months since the zombie apocalypse began. You assume the role of a survivor, who builds a city that can survive the constant waves of zombies.

The game’s developer, FunPlus International recently collaborated with DC Comics to introduce a new playable character in the game. You are now able to unlock and play with the infamous villain, the Joker. However, he was only available to collect during the Joker’s Showdown event.

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