Stardew Valley: Secret achievements

Stardew Valley has a variety of achievements that players can complete to earn rewards, but it has 2 secret achievements that are not part of the achievements list.


Stardew Valley is an exciting online video game that allows players to enjoy farming, simulations, and role-playing elements. It takes place in a fictional world that consists of a farm, a small town, and various shops. Players can build up their farm to their liking and participate in numerous activities offered.

Since the game is open-ended, you can enjoy and take on any activity. This means that you can go fishing, explore the mines, raise animals, hunt achievements, grow crops, and sell produce. The game offers players 2 different gaming routes, which are either restoring the community center or supporting the chain supermarket.

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What are achievements?

Like other video games, Stardew Valley is composed of numerous achievements that players can unlock to receive rewards. To reach or unlock these achievements players have to perform specific tasks like completing the museum collection or reaching a 5-heart friend level with one of the town’s inhabitants.

The achievements are found on the player menu, under the ‘Collections’ tab. Unearned achievements will be greyed out in this section, which means that players can see which achievements they still have to unlock to receive more rewards. It is noteworthy that some achievements will not be displayed in the menu until you have completed other achievements.

Stardew Valley: Secret achievements

There are achievements that will only appear on the list once you have completed other achievements. However, the game also features secret achievements, which are not part of the list. The following table outlines the secret achievements, how to earn them, and the reward you will receive for completing them:

Achievement How to earn Reward


Earn 10 000 000 gold Unlock the sombrero hat

Prairie King

Beat ‘Journey of the Prairie King’ Unknown
Stardew Valley achievements
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Once you have earned 10 000 000 gold, you will be able to purchase the sombrero hat from the Abandoned House for approximately 1000 gold. Players should note that the Prairie King achievement can be quite difficult to complete, as they will have to defeat the Prairie King without dying. This means that every time you die in the battle against the Prairie King, you will have to start over to unlock the achievement.

Where is the Abandoned House?

The Abandoned House, also known as the Ruined House, can be found in the south of the Cindersap Forest. It is alleged that a mouse has taken over the building and opened a shop. Players can purchase a variety of hats at this shop once they have earned their first achievement. All hats cost approximately 1000 gold.

The hats in the game are purely cosmetic and do not provide characters with any additional benefits. A new hat will appear in the shop whenever you have a new achievement.

Journey of the Prairie King

The Journey of the Prairie King is a mini-game that can be played on one of the arcade machines located in The Stardrop Saloon. In addition to unlocking the achievement, players will be rewarded with a Prairie King Arcade System, which will be delivered by mail the following day. Players should bear in mind that the random elements of the game are not affected by Luck.

Stardew Valley Prairie King
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It is statistics that affect different aspects, such as drop rates and the chance of getting treasures from Fishing. There are 2 different kinds of Luck in the game, namely, Luck buffs and Daily Luck.

Journey of the Prairie King mechanics

The arcade game is a top-down shooter that resembles twin-stick shooters similar to those on Smash TV. The WASD keyboard buttons move the character, while the up, down, left, and right buttons shoot. You can move and shoot diagonally by combining 2 different keys.

All players will start the game with 4 lives, which is indicated in the upper left corner. You will be instantly killed if you come in contact with an enemy or projectile, and losing a life results in an unsuccessful game.

Stardew Valley Prairie King
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Final thoughts

Stardew Valley is a thrilling online video game that invites players to enjoy farming, simulation, and role-playing features. The game takes place in a fictitious world that mainly consists of a farm, a small town, and various shops. Players can build up their farm according to their preference and participate in several activities.

The game has different achievements that players can complete to earn rewards. However, there are 2 secret achievements that do not form part of the achievements list. The secret achievements are Legend, and Prairie King.

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