Stardew Valley’s ectoplasm

Players can participate in A Curious Substance quest during their first fall in Stardew Valley, and completing the quest will reward them with a Mini-Obelisk recipe and gold.


Stardew Valley is a well-known simulation role-playing video game, developed by Eric Barone. It was initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2016. However, it was later released for Linux, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, the Mac operating system, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

When players first start the game, they will be able to create a character. The character soon becomes the recipient of a plot of land, and a small house situated in Pelican Town. Players are given the opportunity to select a farm type. It is important to note that each farm has a unique theme as well as different benefits and draw backs.

The farm is initially overrun with weeds, trees, boulders and stumps. It is thus the players’ responsibility to clean up the farm. Once the farm is clean, players can begin with crops and livestock. As players progress in the game, they are able to generate a revenue and expand their farm’s facilities and buildings.

Players are able to socialize non-playable characters (NPCs) that inhabit the town. Once players have formed a relationship with an NPC, they are able to marry them, which results in the NPC helping the player’s character look after the farm. Additionally, players can cook meals, craft goods, go fishing, and explore procedurally generated caves. In the caves, they can also mine ores or defeat creatures.

The game also features various quests. Players can complete these quests in order to earn money, or to complete specific collections of materials. Players use these materials, also called bundles, to restore the town’s Community Centre.

Players will be rewarded with various items, including tools and seeds, if they complete a bundle. However, completing multiple bundles grants them access to new game mechanics and new areas, including a desert.

It is important to note that all of the above-mentioned activities must be metered against the character’s exhaustion level and health, as well as the game’s internal clock. Players are able to consume food, which grants buffs, that is useful in certain activities and situations.

Players should remember that food is a source of replenishing energy and health. Food thus enables the them to complete more tasks in a day. Additionally, it is important to note that the game uses a simplified calendar.

Each year has four 28-day months that represent each season. The season determines which crops can be grown, and which activities can be beneficial. However, later in the game, players can restore a greenhouse that can grow any crop, regardless of the season.


In the players’ first fall of Stardew Valley, they will unlock the Special Orders Board. They may see an advertisement posted by the Wizard, M. Rasmodius requesting an “extremely rare goop, known as ectoplasm.” If they manage to obtain the ectoplasm, they will receive 2500 gold and Mini-Obelisk recipe.

How to get the ectoplasm

It is important to note that players will not be able to obtain the ectoplasm without picking up A Curious Substance quest. Once players have accepted the quest, they will have seven in-game days to collect the ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm is dropped by ghosts. Stardew Valley currently features three different kinds of ghosts: Carbon Ghosts, Putrid Ghosts and Ghosts. The Putrid Ghosts are the only kind that will not drop the ectoplasm, while the Carbon Ghosts and Ghosts each have a 9.5 percent chance of dropping the item when killed.

Where to find standard ghosts

It is recommended that players defeat the standard ghosts. They deal 10 base damage and have 96 Health Points, which makes them by far the easier of the two ghost types to kill. Players will be able to find and defeat them in the mines of Stardew Valley.

Once players are in the mine, they will have to fight their way to the fifty-first floor to defeat ghosts. However, the standard Ghosts will appear all the way down to the seventy-ninth floor. This means that they should have a lot of opportunities to earn ectoplasm from the Carbon Ghosts.

Players should note that when the clock strikes 2:00, they will be ejected from the mines and will have to return later. It is thus recommended that they go early in the day.

Where to find Carbon Ghosts

The Carbon Ghosts are much more powerful than the standard Ghosts. They deal 25 base damage and have 19 Health Points. Players will be able to find them in the Skull Cavern. However, they will need the skull key, which can be obtained in the final level of the mines.

It is important to note that players will obtain much better loot in Skull Cavern than in the mines. However, it is much more difficult. The Carbon Ghosts can simply appear on any Mummy Level of the Skull Cavern, so it may take some time to obtain the ectoplasm.

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