STFC: What’s Past is Prologue mission

What’s Past is Prologue is one of the missions you can complete in STFC, though many players are experiencing a bug in the game.

Gamers can put their strategic and tactical abilities to the test in this thrilling game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, hence, players are likely to find iconic characters in the game. While progressing in the game, you will discover Nero, Uhura, McCoy, and Kirk, among others.

When you first start to play the game, you have to complete 3 tutorial missions to learn the game’s mechanics and gameplay.

Once these missions are complete, you can advance in the game by following the map’s storyline quests. One of the quests is, What’s Past is Prologue, though it seems to be bugged.


Completing missions is the best way to advance efficiently in STFC. You can find your available missions on the left-hand side of the screen.

In this menu, you will notice that there are main story missions and side quests. The main story quests allow you to progress in the story, build your space station, and upgrade your ships.

The side quests, on the other hand, serve as a bonus and allow you to gain levels faster. The side quests are not mandatory, however, you can earn valuable rewards for completing them.

All missions have different rewards if you complete the quest successfully. Players can earn resources, in-game currencies, faction points, and officer fragments, among other things.

STFC: What’s Past is Prologue mission

One of the quests in STFC is What’s Past is Prologue. The mission can also be seen in the series, where Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emperor, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to not only save herself, but the U.S.S Discovery too.

Players will receive this mission early in the game, and to complete it, they have to test the warp drive by going to a distant star. A few can complete the quest successfully, however, for most, the quest is bugged.

Star Trek Fleet Command: What’s Past is Prologue mission

May they be bugs or glitches, they are considered software errors that can cause problems in the game’s code.

These errors generally go unnoticed or unsolved during the production of the software. Fortunately, the game’s developers can repair them with patches.

The glitch that some players experience with this quest is that they have to travel to a distant star with a much higher level. This means that players still have to gain access to the specific star by meeting specific requirements to unlock it.

As a result, most players cannot complete the quest until later in the game. Fortunately, there is a possible solution to complete the quest. If you experience the bug, you can change the server on which you are playing.

Allegedly, changing the server resets the bug, meaning that players can successfully complete the quest and earn rewards.


After successfully completing the quest, you will get Parsteel, premium recruit tokens, battleship parts, and a relocation token. Each item serves a purpose in the game; Parsteel is the main resource for constructing buildings in your base.

You can use the premium recruit tokens to obtain new officers. The battleship parts can be used to upgrade your fleet and a relocation token can change your base’s location.

How to find the star you have to travel to

To complete the What’s Past is Prologue mission, players must travel to a distant star. Apparently, the star you have to travel to varies for each player. It is thus nearly impossible to know which star you have to travel to, as it is different for every player.

To find the star you have to travel to, you have to open your quest log and find the corresponding mission. In the quest’s menu, you will see a green locate bar at the bottom of the menu.

If you click on the icon, you will be taken to the star you have to travel to in order to complete the quest.

Some players have to travel to the level 25 star, Torana, while others have to travel to Lydney, a level 22 planet. Although the planets and stars differ, most are between level 20 and level 30.

Mission tips

In addition to the What’s Past is Prologue mission, you can do nearly an unlimited number of quests in STFC. In the system and galaxy map, numerous missions are marked with an orange icon.

These are secondary missions that can be completed to earn rewards, but some of them may be too high of a level for you.

Players should focus on the main story missions to advance in levels. To speed up your mission progress, purchase acceleration with an in-game currency.

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