STFC: Western Musical Notation

In order to solve the Strange New Cipher puzzle in STFC, players have to use Western Musical Notation system.

Gamers are invited to immerse themselves in the fantasy space realm in this role-playing mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game is part of the widely acclaimed Star Trek franchise, you will experience likewise content, storylines, characters, and locations as seen in the series.

Players begin the game with a single ship and a space station, however, as they advance in the game, they can expand their fleet.

There are various activities and occasional in-game events you can participate in. You can also solve a range of puzzles, one of which is the Strange New Cipher, which uses Western Musical Notation.

A Strange New Cipher

The Strange New Cipher is a recently added puzzle that has allegedly been confusing for many of the game’s players.

Most of them are not aware of the fact that there is a hint provided in the cipher itself, given that they understand what they are supposed to do in the first place.

The puzzle contains a few music notes, namely, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Players need to match the notes with the corresponding letters in the game.

The puzzle contains varying stages, each with a description and a hint. Although the descriptions of the stages vary, they all provide the same hint, which reveals that it is a Western Musical Notation.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Western Musical Notation
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STFC: Western Musical Notation

STFC players with musical knowledge or a musical background will be able to solve the puzzle quicker than others, as the term Western Musical Notation is commonly found in musical studies.

Western Musical Notation is the archetypal notation system that performers or composers use when they compose, write, or play Western music.

This notation is one of the noteworthy factors that distinguishes modern Western music from other music genres.

This system makes it possible for composers to write music in a way or ‘language’, of sorts, that can be universally communicated, understood, and recorded throughout the West, and indeed, throughout the world.

If you do not have a musical background or knowledge about music, you may be forced to use a musical note cheat sheet to figure out which notes correspond with the given letters.

Solving the puzzles can be very time-consuming, as you have to match every note with a letter, using the cheat sheet. Once you have solved a stage in the puzzle, you will know the name of the system you have to travel to.

When you arrive, you have to destroy a hostile and collect your winnings before you can go to the next system. However, it is recommended that you solve all 4 of the puzzle’s stages before you head out to the various systems.

What are the answers to the Strange New Cipher puzzle?

Some STFC players want to invest their time and effort into solving the Strange New Cipher puzzle, but others would rather skip the puzzle entirely.

It is your choice whether you want to invest the time into solving the puzzle or skip it completely. The table below highlights the answers of the Strange New Cipher puzzle:

Puzzle stage Answer
1 Aoro
2 Calex
3 Friefia
4 Elva


You will earn an array of rewards if you solve all 4 stages of the Strange New Cipher puzzle. But bear in mind that the quantities of each reward are subject to change.

The rewards you receive allegedly depend on numerous factors, which means that you could more or less receive the quantities listed in the table below:

Reward Approximate quantity
Epic Refined Crystal 11
Rare Refined Crystal 16
Uncommon Refined Crystal 33
Common Refined Crystal 275
Tritanium 117.5 million
100 thousand tritanium token 3
1 million tritanium token 118
The Strange Token 100

Do stage 1 and stage 3 have the same image?

As previously mentioned, players have to use the images provided in the stages to complete the Western Musical Notation puzzle.

Some players noticed that stage 1 and stage 3 of the puzzle share the exact same image, which means that they corresponds to the same letters.

If you notice that you are in the same situation where stage 1 and stage 3 are the same image, you should note that stage 1’s answer is incorrect.

However, the answer also applies to stage 3 of the puzzle. It is unclear if the game’s developer, Scopely, has fixed the issue. Thus, it is recommended that players carefully examine the images in detail before attempting to solve the puzzle.

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