STFC: USS Kelvin upgrade

Even though the USS Kelvin is an amazing ship in STFC, its repair costs are unbelievably high, which has caused controversy.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites gamers to immerse themselves in a fictional space world that combines role-playing with battle elements.

The game is part of the classic Star Trek franchise, and as such, you will enjoy similar content, characters, and storylines in this game as seen in the series. Players start the game with a space station and a single ship that can be used to fight enemies.

While advancing in the main storyline, you can obtain additional ships and have the opportunity to construct buildings and features inside your spaceship. One of the ships that you can collect is the USS Kelvin, which can be upgraded.

USS Kelvin lore

The USS Kelvin was the first ship to come across the Narada in 2233. Under the command of George Kirk, the ship collided with Nero’s in order to allow its crew to escape.

The class lives on under the Kelvin name and because of its age, it has become a common site for numerous years, either refitted or in its original guise.

STFC: USS Kelvin upgrade

It is noteworthy that you first have to obtain the blueprints of and build the USS Kelvin before you can upgrade it. Once you have the ship, you can use different resources to upgrade its statistics and features.

Star Trek Fleet Command: USS Kelvin upgrade
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In the USS Kelvin’s upgrade menu, you will find 7 icons, indicated by a “+” symbol. You can click on each of these icons to upgrade the various parts of the USS Kelvin.

The initial ship upgrade requires common materials and resources, which can be obtained quite easily.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a pop-up menu, which displays your ship’s statistics and features. The main stats category shows the ship’s attack, health, and defence, as well as its current level.

You can click on the blue level up button to increase your ship’s level, which will significantly improve the ship’s ability.

The details category lists how the ship’s statistics will change once the upgrade is completed. Once all 7 parts have been upgraded, players will have the opportunity to increase the ship’s tier by selecting the green tier-up icon.

Increasing your ship’s tier may take some time, luckily, you can use speed-ups to reduce the upgrade time. If you do not have speed-up items, you have to wait until the timer has depleted to continue upgrading your ship.

When your ship has reached tier 2, you can upgrade all 7 parts again, however, this will require uncommon materials and resources. It can thus be said that the higher the tier your ship is, the more materials it requires to be upgraded to the next tier.

USS Kelvin’s base statistics

Similarly to other ships in the game, the USS Kelvin has various base statistics, which can increase with each upgrade. The following table highlights some of the USS Kelvin’s base statistics before any upgrades have taken place:

Statistic Quantity
Warp Range 105
Impulse Speed 120
Cargo Capacity 46 000
Shield Health 3 million
Accuracy 19 000

What is the USS Kelvin’s ability?

STFC players should remember that the USS Kelvin’s ability depends on its level at the time. This essentially means that the higher its level is, the more effective its ability will be.

This ship’s ability, Inventive Strategy, reveals that when defending at the beginning of each round, the ship increases the Shield Piercing, Armour Piercing and Accuracy of every Ship, and Defence Platform by a specific percentage.

When the USS Kelvin is at level 2, it is increased by 60 percent. This percentage will increase as the ship is upgraded to higher levels. The ship’s current maximum level is 10, which means that it has increased by 65 percent.

What are the disadvantages of the USS Kelvin?

As amazing and powerful the USS Kelvin is, it has a few disadvantages. The cost to run the ship is allegedly incredibly high.

In order to repair a tier 1 USS Kelvin ship with all components upgraded, it costs approximately 68 million tritanium, which makes it nearly impossible for players to repair the ship if it has been destroyed.

Unfortunately, the repair costs only increase as the ship reaches higher tiers and upgrades. This has caused some controversy in the game’s community, as the USS Kelvin is a highly desirable ship, but its repair cost is unattainably high.

Hence, it is recommended that you keep it in your base until you have no choice but to use it.

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