STFC: Subspace Relay

Players can construct the Subspace Relay in STFC to receive various benefits during the Infinite Incursion event.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a popular mobile game in which players can immerse themselves in a fictional, space realm. As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic Star Trek franchise.

As such, you will likely experience similar storylines, characters, and content in this game as seen in the series. Players will start the game with a single space station and a ship that they can use to fight enemies, complete missions, and construct buildings.

It is important to note that every building you can construct in your space station has a specific objective. The game recently introduced a new building called the Subspace Relay and it can impact your gameplay substantially.


It is worth noting that you have to accumulate certain resources before you can construct buildings in your space station. In the early stages of the game, the only 3 resources you will need for building are Pasteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium.

These materials can be acquired as you progress in the game. However, at a later stage, you need Ore, Raw Crystal, and Raw Gas in their different common or uncommon forms to construct buildings.

Once you have the necessary materials, you can start the construction. Every construction takes time to complete, but there are modifiers that can increase the construction speed.

STFC: Subspace Relay

STFC’s developers, Digit Game Studios, occasionally introduce new content, activities, features, and items to the game to keep gamers interested and engaged.

They generally add new features in the form of an update, for which the game needs to be offline to be installed.

They recently released the patch notes for update 44, which introduces the Subspace Relay Building. However, you can only construct it if you are level 25 or higher.

Its official description reveals that with the threat of Infinite Incursion, the building has been rallied together to provide players with various benefits through this time.

When you have constructed the building, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Increase defence platform damage
  • Increase warp speed
  • Increase Ship hull health

These benefits significantly influence your gameplay, especially during the Infinite Incursion events. However, you can also get the building’s benefits if you are not participating in the Infinite Incursion event.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Subspace Relay
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Infinite Incursion

Infinite Incursion is a new type of event that puts servers against each other in a battle for dominance. During the event, servers are matched in 1-versus-1 battles, based on the criteria such as population, and server age.

Players can relocate their bases to the server they are invading for the duration of the event. It is worth noting that this event scores off an entire server’s efforts. In order to participate in this event, players have to be on level 25 or higher.

It is advisable that players construct the Subspace Relay before the Infinite Incursion event commences. This way you can get the benefits that the building provides for the entire duration of the event.

Can the Subspace Relay be built instantly?

Players have the option to build or upgrade a building using Latinum, which is an in-game resource.

Although there are some players that choose to play the game by purchasing packs of Latinum, it can also be acquired or earned through the in-game events or Daily Missions.

Where to acquire Latinum

STFC players can mine Latinum throughout the Neutral Zone and the Faction Zones, however, it is best mined with the purpose built Ferengi D’Vor.

Latinum can be found and mined in the following locations:

System Zone
Macclyyn Klingon
Nasturta Romulan
Losti Federation
Phelan Klingon
Gradientes Romulan
Suliban Independent

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