STFC: Scrambled Communication

One of the events you can enjoy in STFC is Scrambled Communications, which requires that you complete tasks using clues.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a popular mobile game that puts your strategic abilities to the test.

As the name of the game suggests, it is based on the classic series, Star Trek, which means that you will experience similar gameplay, characters, and locations in this mobile game.

All new players begin the game with a single ship and a space station and they have to complete the tutorial mission, which explains the game’s mechanics and dynamics.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you can recruit officers, participate in events, defeat other players, and build features in your space station.

What is the objective of having activities and events?

It has been proven that offering players numerous activities provides assorted content, which can keep them interested in the game.

The variety of activities and events can also increase the chances that different types of gamers will find something they enjoy in the game.

You will not have access to all the activities in the game when you first start playing it, but you can unlock them once you meet the specific requirements to do so.

This is a way to motivate players to play the game for longer periods of time, as they may want to unlock additional activities.

The developer occasionally introduces events into the game, though they are only active for a certain duration. During an event, players have to complete specific tasks to earn rewards that are generally very desirable.

STFC: Scrambled Communication

One of the events you can participate in STFC is Scrambled Communications, which consists of a range of parts or stages. To be successful in this event, players must find clues in order to discover what happened to the Communication system.

Before you start the event, you can read every stage’s official description, however, these texts have been scrambled. Furthermore, clues will differ for every player, as the clue depends on your level and your ship’s level.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Scrambled Communication
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The first stage’s description roughly states, “We have to…. fast. Resea.. construction… hurry!” You will notice that certain words in the scrambled text are highlighted with an orange colour; these are allegedly your clues to solve the missions.

Even though the clues will be different, players have to perform the same tasks to move on to the next stage of the event.

The table below shows the parts of the event, and what you have to do to complete them:

Stage Task
1 To complete this task, you have to perform a research task. You also need to use a speed-up item on the research to complete the process faster.
2 To proceed to the following stage, you have to commence with an ‘away team’ mission by sending certain officers for a mission off your space station.
3 You need to spend some of your resources on one of the buildings in your space station.
4 Similar to the previous stage, but now you have to spend resources on research.
5 There are 2 tasks in this stage, most players have to defeat 10 Borg tactical probes. But if you are on a lower level, you have to kill hostiles in a specific system.
6 Players must kill approximately 15 swarm hostiles.
7 You have to mine 200 crystals to complete this stage.
8 This stage requires you to spend 1000 ship experience points.
9 Players have to defeat an Armada.

What are the descriptions?

Every stage allegedly features a different description, determined by your level. However, all players must complete the same tasks to move on to the next stage. Descriptions of some of the stages are:

Stage Description
1 “We have Resea.. construction… hurry!”
2 “…cash for help… send… officers…assignment…success!”
3 “We need to strengthen our base. Spend…resource…buildings… now!”
4 “…Learn more… Spend… resource… research… now!”
5 “Attacking.. you use.. transwarp.. defeat.. assimilated!” If you are a low-level player, you will receive, “Please send help! Defeat host.. Zam.. Meh.. Alh. We cannot win alone.”

How long do players have to complete the mission?

Events usually only occur for a certain amount of time meaning players only have 3 days to complete the Scrambled Communications event.

Even though this may feel too short, many players claim it is more than enough time to complete the event and receive its rewards.

Why are players getting stuck at stage 3?

STFC Stage 3 of the Scrambled Communications event requires players to use resources to upgrade a building in their space station.

For many players, this is impossible since they can only upgrade their Operations building which is one of the main buildings in your space station. This means that it can be extremely expensive to upgrade.

These players, subsequently, will not be able to progress in the event if they do not have the necessary resources to upgrade their Operations building.

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