STFC: Critical Hits

Critical Hits in STFC can have a significant influence on your battles, however, you first have to construct an Armory.

You can immerse yourself in a fictitious space realm in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin timeline from the well-renowned series, Star Trek, you will likely see iconic characters from the franchise, including Scotty, Spock, and Nero, among others.

There are a variety of activities and occasional in-game events that you can enjoy, but it is recommended that you focus on the main story line to progress in the game.

You can explore star systems, complete missions, mine resources, construct an array of buildings, and defeat enemies. One of the buildings you can construct is the Armory, which offers you a Critical Hit Damage bonus.


The game currently has more than 10 buildings that you can construct within your spaceship. It is worth noting that you do not initially get access to all the buildings, but you will be able to unlock them as you meet the specific prerequisites to do so.

Some buildings are regarded as more important than others, as they provide your crew and officers with unique buffs, whereas other buildings can store and protect your resources from enemy attacks.

The Operations building is considered the most important, as it can be upgraded to increase your level, to unlock additional buildings, and to increase your weapon damage bonus.

STFC: Critical Hits

One of the buildings you can construct in your space station in STFC is the Armory, but you should bear in mind that it only unlocks when your Operations and R&D Department has reached level 40.

This means that you first have to unlock, construct, and level up the R&D Department before you can construct the Armory.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Critical Hits
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In The R&D Department you can research new technology, which may be needed to construct other buildings or ships.

While the Armory unlocks the Weapon Tech Research facility; upgrading this building increases your Critical Hit Chance Bonus, as well as the Critical Hit Damage Bonus.

Critical Hit Chance Bonus refers to the possibility that your ship will deal a Critical Hit, whereas the Critical Hit Damage Bonus refers to how much damage it deals. The following table lists the percentages of each, based on your Armory’s level:

Armory Level Critical hit chance Critical hit damage
1 0.1 percent 0.5 percent
5 0.5 percent 2.5 percent
10 1 percent 5 percent
15 1.5 percent 7.5 percent
20 2 percent 10 percent
25 2.5 percent 12.5 percent
30 3 percent 15 percent
35 3.5 percent 17.5 percent
40 4 percent 20 percent
45 4.5 percent 32.5 percent
50 5 percent 50 percent

Do other buildings offer Critical Hits?

It is crucial to note that the Armory is the only building that can offer your ships a Critical Hit Damage Bonus and a Critical Hit Chance Bonus. Therefore, it is essential that you construct the Armory as soon as it is available.

Although Critical Hits may seem like simple features, they can alter your battles against other players. This is because they influence the amount of damage you deal to another ship.

If the amount of damage that you deal is more than that of the other player, the chances of winning the battle are high for you.

How to upgrade the Armory

After constructing the Armory, it is vital that you upgrade it, as it increases your Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance. In the early stages of the game, you only need 3 main resources to upgrade a building, namely, Dilithium, Tritanium, and Parsteel.

As the building’s level increases, it will require Ore, Raw Gas, and Raw Crystal to upgrade. You can decrease the quantity of resources required by Researching Building Efficiency.

Bear in mind that upgrading the Armory will take a specific amount of time, but you can use Research Construction Speed and Prime Build Speed to reduce this time.

Where to obtain resources

In order to increase your Critical Hits, you have to increase your Armory’s level, which also requires specific resources. The generators within your space station can produce basic resources, and they can be stored in vaults for safekeeping.

If you realise that you require additional resources, you can mine resource nodes. Keep in mind that different galaxies have unique types of mines available.

STFC players should note that mining resources can be a dangerous activity, as there is a chance that you can be attacked while mining resources. Furthermore, you can complete missions and daily objectives to earn resources.

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