STFC: Concentrated Latinum

In STFC, players can mine Concentrated Latinum using the D’Vor Feesha ship, however, you have to be at least on level 35.

Gamers can put their strategic abilities to the test in this thrilling mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game is based on the well-renowned series, Star Trek, players are likely to encounter similar storylines, characters, and locations in the game as seen in the rest of the series.

You will initially only get access to a ship and a space station, but as you progress in the game, you can unlock additional ships.

Your ships are the primary means of transport, but they can also be used to defeat enemies and for mining resources and currencies. One of the currencies you can acquire is Latinum, which comes in a raw and concentrated form.

Raw Latinum

Even though Latinum is one of the general in-game currencies, players can mine it throughout the Neutral Zone and the Faction Zones.

To procure Raw Latinum, it is recommended that you use the Ferengi D’Vor ship, as it was built to mine the currency.

Once you have Raw Latinum, you can refine it to convert it to Latinum at a guaranteed rate. Keep in mind that you can only access the refinery once you have reached level 16 in the game.

After refining the Latinum, you can use it to purchase ship parts, experience points, speed ups, repair speed ups, and resources, among other things.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Concentrated Latinum
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STFC: Concentrated Latinum

The game’s developer, Digit Game Studio introduces new features, ships, content, and resources to the game occasionally. The new content allegedly keeps players interested and engaged in the game.

Patch 39 introduced numerous new features, including a ship called The D’Vor Feesha, new quests, officers, a drydock, and a new Station Assault research node.

The D’Vor Feesha is an upgraded Ferengi vessel, but only players who are higher than level 35 can use it.

It is equipped with the latest DX mining laser, which makes it the perfect ship to mine the new Concentrated Latinum Resource Nodes.

This resource can be refined to obtain Latinum, which you can use to upgrade the D’Vor Feesha to maximise its abilities.

That being said, players can use other ships to farm the Concentrated Latinum without the D’Vor Feesha. However, if you use another ship, you might get smaller quantities of the resource as it is not made to mine the currency.

It is advisable that you mainly use the D’Vor Feesha to mine the resource, as it maximises the number of resources you get.

Furthermore, it is alleged that most servers’ rules of engagement (RoE) allows its players to attack any ship, besides the D’Vor Feesha, that is mining Concentrated Latinum.

If you choose to use another ship to mine the currency, your chances of being attacked by other players are higher.

If you are under level 35, and you mine Concentrated Latinum, you will not be able to refine it. This is because the Concentrated Latinum Refinery only unlocks at level 35.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Concentrated Latinum
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D’Vor Feesha

Players can procure the D’Vor Feesha by scrapping their D’Vor and by earning D’Vor Advanced Data Core. It is noteworthy that the amount may vary as it depends on the ship’s tier.

This means that a fully levelled D’Vor provides enough D’Vor Advanced Data Cores for a complete set of D’Vor Feesha blueprints.

You can consult the following table to know how many Data Cores you get for scrapping your D’Vor:

D’Vor tier Number of Advanced Data Cores
1 0
6 12
7 30
8 60
9 120

Once you have the Advanced Data Cores, you can convert them to blueprints in the Latinum Refinery.

Where to mine Concentrated Latinum

It is crucial to note that Concentrated Latinum can only be mined on systems that have a level of 36 or higher. Players can use the special mining icon, situated next to the bookmark button, to view which systems have Concentrated Latinum.

The systems that generally contain Concentrated Latinum Resource Nodes are Sirius and Wolf, both of which can be found in the space realm.

Things to consider when mining Concentrated Latinum

Mining is one of the most important things in STFC. You need it to complete missions, events, and daily tasks. There are a few things you have to consider before you mine Concentrated Latinum.

Firstly, you have to use the right ship, namely, the D’Vor Feesha, but you also have to select the right Captain and crew. Some Officers and crew members can increase the quantity of Concentrated Latinum that you mine.

Lastly, make sure that your cargo is not unprotected, as other players can attack your ship and steal your resources if it is.

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