STFC: Commendation Token

The Commendation Tokens in STFC can only be purchased with Faction Credits, but it only serves one purpose.

In this thrilling role-playing game, Star Trek Fleet Command, players can explore star systems, build ships, mine resources, and complete missions. The game follows the Kelvin Timeline from the classic Star Trek franchise.

As the player, you will see iconic characters from the series, including Spock, Scotty, Nero, and McCoy, among others. When you start playing the game, you will only be able to access 1 ship and a space station, but you can collect additional ships as you progress in the game.

At one point in the game, you can select a faction. There are several factions in the game, each of which has a Faction Store. One of the things you can purchase in the store are Commendation Tokens, but they only serve one purpose.


STFC has several factions that you can join, namely, Augment, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Independent. Players have a reputation in each faction, except for Independent.

Your reputation with a faction determines your daily goals, and whether your ship will be attacked in faction systems or not. Each faction has varying ranks, and players can increase their rank by collecting reputation points.

You can obtain reputation points by killing hostiles of the other faction, completing daily goals, and missions. Players can also gain points by spending resources in the daily Faction Reputation Events and defeating Armadas.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Commendation Token
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STFC: Commendation Token

Once you have enough reputation faction points, your rank in the faction will increase. At one point, you will get access to the Faction Store, which allows you to purchase a variety of items in exchange for Faction Credits.

One of the items you can purchase from the Faction Store is a Commendation Token. This token only has one purpose; to complete specific missions. This means that you do not have to purchase it until you get a mission that requires a token to complete.

The Commendation Tokens serve no other purpose in the game, so you will be wasting your Faction Credits if you buy 1 without having a mission that requires it.

It is noteworthy that the mission that requires a token is called Commendation for Valor, and players generally only receive it between levels 25 and level 28.

The mission’s in-game description states that you have to acquire a Commendation Rank from any Faction Store.

This means that you have to select 1 faction, preferably one with the highest rank, purchase a Commendation Token, and donate it to the faction to complete the quest.

Allegedly, the Commendation Tokens can be used to upgrade certain officers. However, this allegation seems to be untrue, as the token’s only purpose is to be donated.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Commendation Token
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Can Commendation Tokens be refunded?

If you purchased multiple tokens or purchased a token before receiving a mission, you will not be able to use it. Regrettably, Commendation Tokens cannot be refunded, which means that you will have wasted some of your Faction Credits.

That being said, Faction Credits can be easily obtained by participating in the Faction Hunt in-game event. In this event, players simply have to find and defeat ships to earn rewards, one of which is Faction Credits.

Players should pay attention to their Faction Reputation in the event, so it is recommended to only focus on the lower-level ships.

What should you spend your Faction Credits on?

There are numerous uses for your Faction Credits, however, some uses are more valuable than others. Players can use their Faction Credits to upgrade officers, purchase additional ships, or as blueprints for ships.

You can also use them to buy officer tokens and raw materials, but this is not advised. Some players believe that the most valuable thing one can purchase with Faction Credits is D3 blueprints.

Once you have 80 blueprints, you can construct the D3 Class, which is an uncommon 3-star Interceptor ship. In addition to the blueprints, you need crystals, tritanium, and dilithium to complete the ship’s construction.

Reputation levels

As previously mentioned, every faction in the game has ranks, which is determined by your reputation points. The table below lists some of the ranks, and the points for Romulan, Federation, and Klingon:

Point range Rank
-2 000 000 to – 500 000 Enemy
-24 999 to -500 Untrustworthy
500 to 4 900 Tolerated
25 000 to 99 999 Friendly
200 000 to 499 999 Favoured
2 000 000 to 4 999 999 Associate
30 000 000 to 49 999 999 Celebrated
140 000 000 to 339 999 999 Commended
1 500 000 000 to 2 399 000 000 Guardian
15 000 000 000 to 15 000 000 500 Legend

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