STFC: Broken Desealing Rod

Once players have collected 4000 Broken Desealing Rods in STFC, they can exchange them for a normal rod and unlock the Lockbox.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in a fictional space world in this role-playing mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game forms part of the classic Star Trek series, and as such, you will enjoy similar content, characters, storylines, and features in this game as seen in the series.

You start the game with a space station and a ship that you can use to fight other enemies, fly to missions, and build buildings. However, you first have to complete the tutorial mission before you can partake in any activities the game has to offer.

What is the Treasury?

The game’s developer, Digit Game Studios, and publishers, Scopely and CBS Interactive, occasionally introduce new content to the game to keep players engaged and interested. In a recent update, they introduced a new gaming feature called the Treasury.

Players can gain access to this feature once their Operations menu has reached level 15. When you unlock this building, you will gain access to the Ferengi Treasury, which you can fill up by completing your daily goals and defeating hostiles.

Once your Treasury has been filled up, you can open the Lockbox by purchasing a Desealing Rod from the store.

STFC: Broken Desealing Rod

STFC players have to purchase a Desealing Rod from the store in order to open the Lockbox in the Treasury. There are some players that decide not to purchase the item, as it allegedly costs real-life money.

Instead, they collect Broken Desealing Rods, which can be exchanged for a Desealing Rod once they have collected enough broken parts.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Broken Desealing Rod
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Unfortunately, though, players have to collect approximately 4000 Broken Desealing Rods to receive a normal Desealing Rod.

This could take several months to collect, and for this reason, many players have decided not to invest time into the Treasury feature.

STFC players believe that this is the developers and publishers’ way of motivating them to spend real-life money to receive rewards in the game.

It is important to note that you are not obligated to purchase the Desealing Rod; it is entirely your decision whether you want to purchase it or not.

The Treasury does not have a direct influence on your gameplay, but the items in the Lockbox may help you with several elements in the game, as it contains desirable items. That being said, you do not need these items to advance in the game.

Once you have all the Broken Desealing Rods, you can exchange them in the gift section, which you have to unlock by accumulating a certain number of points.

How to procure Broken Desealing Rods

There are numerous ways that players can acquire Broken Desealing Rods, which they need to procure a normal Desealing Rod.

You can, apparently, get 360 broken parts from the 30-day chests. If players only use this method, they can get a free rod once a year.

You receive 360 rods by completing the Battle Pass (BP) overflow. This means that you could receive approximately 720 Broken Desealing Rods monthly.

It is worth noting, however, that you will have to invest some time and effort into these activities if you want to collect 4000 Broken Desealing Rods.

Is the exchange feature still available?

At the time of writing this, the exchange feature has been removed by the developers. This means that players cannot exchange their Broken Desealing Rods to receive a normal Desealing Rod.

It is unclear why the feature has been removed, however, many STFC players believe that it will return to the game with the next Treasury event.

Which benefits does the Treasury provide?

Once you have unlocked the Treasury, you can benefit from 3 unique buffs. These buffs can improve your ships’ mining rate, protected cargo, and maximum cargo.

It is worth noting that the protected cargo and mining rate applies to your survey ships, while maximum cargo is applied to all ships.

Furthermore, when the building is upgraded to level 40, the daily free Optical Diodes bundles will provide you with Prime Particles, which you can use for prime nodes in the Territory Capture tree.

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  1. I have 4680 broken Desealing rods, and no way to swap 4000 of them for a desealing rod to access the treasury. This is no way to treat players and forces us to buy the rod for 99.00 in the online store

  2. What is especially obnoxious is that almost all of those $99 packs are identical in that you end up paying for mostly worthless crap as parsteel, tritanium and dilithium are ridiculously easy to acquire while the resources that are the primary reason for making the purchase are short-stocked in the extreme.


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