STFC: A Strange New Cipher

In STFC, players can solve a new puzzle called Strange New Cipher to earn great rewards.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a well-renowned mobile game that invites gamers to test their tactical abilities.

Since the game is based on the classic series, Star Trek, you will likely experience similar characters, locations, and storylines in this mobile game as in other versions of it.

After completing the introductory tutorial, you will begin the game with a single ship and space station. Players can recruit officers, participate in occasional events, solve puzzles, defeat other players and construct features on their spaceship as they make progress in the game.

One of the puzzles you can solve in the game is A Strange New Cipher, which is similar to the Scrambled Communications event.

What is Scrambled Communications?

Scrambled Communications is an in-game event that consists of a range of stages or levels. To be successful in this event, you have to search for and find clues in order to discover what happened to the communication system.

Before you start a stage, you can read its official description, but gamers should keep in mind that the description may be scrambled.

Players have to solve the puzzle to progress in the game and earn rewards that can be used in different parts of the game.

STFC: A Strange New Cipher

The Strange New Cipher puzzle has allegedly been confusing for a lot of the game’s players. Most of them do not know that there is a hint provided in the cipher itself, given that they understand what they are supposed to do.

Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher
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A Strange New Cipher contains a few music notes, such as A, B, C, D, F, and G. It is your responsibility to correspond the notes with actual letters in the game.

Similarly to the Scrambled Communications, the Strange New Cipher features an array of stages. Stage 1 of the puzzle reads as follows, “Decipher the code hidden in the event picture to find out the system you need to travel to.”

It also offers players a hint, which reveals that it is a Western Musical Notation.

Players with a musical background or musical knowledge will be able to figure out this puzzle more easily than others. Other players may be forced to use a musical note cheat sheet to figure out which note corresponds to the given letters.

Solving the puzzles can be very time-consuming, as players have to match every note with a letter using the cheat sheet. Once you have completed the puzzle, you will be told the name of the system you have to travel to.

Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher
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Once you have solved all the Strange new Cipher puzzles, you will earn a variety of rewards, which are highlighted in the table below:

Reward Quantity
The Strange Token 100
1 million tritanium token 118
100 thousand tritanium token 3
Tritanium 117.5 million
Common refined crystal 275
Uncommon refined crystal 33
Rare refined crystal 16
Epic Refined crystal 11

STFC players should bear in mind that these are approximate quantities, and they are subject to change.

The rewards players receive allegedly depends on various factors, which means that you may receive more or less of the same quantities listed above.

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What are the answers to the Strange New Cipher puzzle?

There are some players who want to invest their time and effort into solving the Strange New Cipher puzzle, but other players would rather skip the puzzle entirely and continue with the gameplay.

The table below lists the answers of the Strange New Cipher puzzle:

Strange New Cipher stage Answer
1 Aoro
2 Calex
3 Friefia
4 Elva

What should you do in each system?

STFC players can search the names of the systems they have to travel to when they have solved the puzzles. When you arrive at a system, you have to destroy a hostile and collect your winnings before you can go to the next system.

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