Soul Tide Wiki

Basic Information

Application Name Soul Tide
Release Date 2022
Genre RPG
Platforms App Store / Google Play 
Price Free ( With In-Game Purchases)
Developer / Publisher LemcnSun Entertainment
Official Site Website
Official Social Media Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / Discord


Soul Tide is a popular mobile game that combines anime girl collection, dungeon exploration, and home simulation. It takes place in a persistent, fictitious world where witches have unleashed doom upon the land. The cataclysm not only left countless dead but left something dire that overshadows every wounded soul.

It was not long after this that monstrous trees arose, tearing the already scarred land asunder. The trees serve as entrances to a chaotic realm called the Graveland. When you first start playing the game, you have to undergo a test to see if you can take on the role of an Evoker. If you pass the test, you will receive your first Doll.


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