Soul Tide: Units

Players can collect and summon more than 30 different Dolls in Soul Tide, each of which features various talents and skills.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in a fictitious world in this mobile game, Soul Tide. The game combines elements of dungeon exploration, home simulation, and anime girl collection. The game’s official description states that witches have unleashed doom upon the land, which not only left countless dead, but left something dire that overshadows every wounded soul.

Not long after this tragedy, monstrous trees arose that serve as entrances to a chaotic realm called the Graveland that consists of a range of stages that you must complete. Before you can participate in the gaming modes, you need to procure a few Dolls. Fortunately, there are numerous methods that you can use to obtain them.

What are the gaming modes?

In addition to the Graveland stages, you can participate in other gaming modes, however, you first have to unlock them. Players will gain access to additional gaming modes and activities once they have met the specific requirements to do so.

You can experience the Abyss Rift, an array of Drills, Trial Towers, Overlord Invasions, and Illusory Limbos, among other things. Every gaming mode serves a specific purpose in the game and each mode offers you varying rewards.

To unlock these gaming modes, you have to progress in the Graveland Stages, and you specifically have to complete stage 3, level 6, as this unlocks all gaming modes.

Soul Tide: Units

The game currently has a range of units, including Dolls, Vespers, and Evokers. It is noteworthy that the Graveland is no place for mortals, so the Order invented a multifunctional device called the Compass.

Soul Tide: Units
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The Compass projects the wielder’s consciousness and allows them to explore the Graveland safely, without dying. Players should note that only those with a specific soul frequency can operate this device, and only Evokers have this frequency, so only they can explore the Graveland safely. Hence, the game allows you to assume the role of an Evoker, so that you can explore the realm and defeat enemies.

Dolls are wandering souls infused into artificial vessels. Their purpose is to help you clear stages, defeat enemies, and assist your exploration. The moment that Lady Shera matches you with a Doll, your fates are connected, and your destinies are intertwined.

The game currently offers players more than 20 Dolls to acquire. Every doll possesses unique skills that determine their position in battle. It is worth noting that you do not get access to every Doll in the game when you first start playing, instead, you only get a few characters to help you complete the tutorial stages.

These Dolls are not the best in the game, as players receive them for free. You have to participate in the in-game summoning system, called Evoke, to collect stronger and rarer Dolls. Evoke usually has an array of banners, but you need specific summoning currencies to summon additional characters.

Soul Tide: Units
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What are the different banners?

There are 4 basic banners in Evoke that always exist, no matter what the time is, as they are not time limited. The banners are as follows:

Banner name Description

Astral Evoke

You can use this banner to summon a Verves.

Starry Ocean

It is used to summon specific rate-up Verves.

Lunar Evoke

Players can use this banner to summon any Doll.

Moon Palace

This banner can be used to summon specific rate-up Dolls.

Apart from these banners, the game occasionally features limited-time banners that may be released when a new Doll is launched. However, some in-game events can also introduce a limited-time banner.

What currencies do you need?

Gamers need specific currencies before they can participate in the gacha system. Players can, allegedly, obtain these currencies by progressing in the Graveland gaming mode. You need the following currencies to participate in the gacha system:

Currency Description

Astral Cards

This currency is used to summon Verves in the Starry Ocean and Astral Evoke.

Lunar Cards

Players can use these cards to summon in the Moon Palace and the Lunar Evoke.

Who are the best Dolls in the game?

The game’s Dolls are divided into tiers which are determined by their skills, talents, and rarity. The S-tier usually has the best Dolls in the game, as they are very powerful, while the lowest tier consists of the worst characters in the game.

Some of the S-tier Dolls are listed and described below:

Doll Description


She is an Ice and Shadow type of Doll that specialises in healing her allies, while applying a unique buff called Echoes to them.


Nicolette is a Fire and Physical type of unit who features great damage-over-time skills. She can also inflict multiple stacks of the Bleed debuff.


She is a Fire and Shadow type of Doll that enhances the damage dealt by Fire heroes in her team.

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