Soul Tide: Satya

Soul Tide has numerous Dolls for you to procure and play with, one of which is Satya, who is a mischievous princess.

Soul Tide is a popular mobile game that combines anime girl collection, dungeon exploration, and home simulation. It takes place in a persistent, fictitious world where witches have unleashed doom upon the land. The cataclysm not only left countless dead but left something dire that overshadows every wounded soul.

It was not long after this that monstrous trees arose, tearing the already scarred land asunder. The trees serve as entrances to a chaotic realm called the Graveland. When you first start playing the game, you have to undergo a test to see if you can take on the role of an Evoker. If you pass the test, you will receive your first Doll.

What are Evokers and Dolls?

The Graveland is no place for mortals, however, the Order has invented a multifunctional device called the Compass, which projects the wielder’s consciousness and allows them to explore the Graveland safely. Keep in mind that only those with a particular soul frequency can operate this device, meaning that only Evokers can explore the Graveland.

Unfortunately, there are few Evokers available, so Dolls that are wandering souls infused into artificial vessels come into play. Their sole purpose is to assist your exploration and to help you destroy the Graveland. The moment Lady Shera matches you with a Doll, your fates are connected, and your destinies intertwined.

Soul Tide: Satya

One of the Dolls you can procure in the game is Satya, who is described as a princess that owns everything, but she is interested in nothing but mischief and mayhem. Her talents and gifts include explosions and combustions. Every gossipy demon granny predicted that Satya would grow up to be a spoiled troublemaker, however, all credit goes to the Demon King’s incredible parenting.

Soul Tide: Satya
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Satya can assume a defender or attacker role in battle, depending on the content that the specific battle features. It is worth noting that her elements are fire and shadow, which has a significant impact on her skills. Similarly to other Dolls, Satya possesses various skill sets, each of which has a range of skills. The table below describes her fire skills:

Skill set Name Description

Playful Tinder

Flame Spin Satya will attack an enemy in the front row that deals fire damage.
  Incinerate She attacks enemies in the front rows that deal fire damage and inflict 1 stack of a burn buff.
  Inferno Domain After Satya receives a shield, this skill increases her shield by 3 percent and it will stack up to 5 times.
  Will of Hydra Satya gains a shield that absorbs damage up to 30 percent of maximum health for 2 turns. However, when Inferno Domain is at 5 stacks, the shield increases by an additional 20 percent of maximum health.

Satya’s shadow skills

Once Satya has reached a certain level, you can unlock her shadow skills. The table below lists her shadow skills and a description of each:

Skill set Name Description

Prideful Reaper

Shadow Slash Satya attacks an enemy that deals 100 percent shadow damage
  Annihilate She attacks all foes to deal shadow damage while inflicting a stack of an Eclipse buff.
  Unholy Avatar This skill increases Satya’s attack by 0.5 percent of Eclipse on foes, up to 20 percent.
  Chains of Abyss Satya attacks all enemies to deal Shadow damage, but this skill ignores 20 percent of the targets’ defence.

How to acquire Satya

Players should remember that Soul Tide has an in-game gacha system called Evoke, which enables them to summon dolls, fragments, and Verves, amongst other things. You have to obtain specific summoning currencies before you can summon a Doll from one of the banners.

There are 4 basic banners that always exist, since they have no time limit. There are also time-limited banners that might be released on special occasions.

You can allegedly summon Satya, or some of her fragments, through the gacha system. However, each aspect has a specific summoning rate. The table below indicates the summoning rates of aspects you can summon:

Feature Summoning rate
Item 17.81 percent
Verves 63.37 percent
Fragment of Dolls 15.2 percent
Doll 3.62 percent

Can Satya be upgraded?

Once you have collected Satya, you can upgrade her features to make her stronger. There are numerous methods you can use to upgrade her, but it is advised that you first focus on increasing her level. This can be done using Souls, which come in different types. The better the rarity and quality of the Soul, the more experience it gives Satya.

It is worth noting that the maximum level a Doll can be levelled up to is directly linked to your account level. This means that if your account level is 10, your Dolls cannot exceed level 10.

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