Soul Tide: Nicolette

One of the Dolls you can acquire in Soul Tide is Nicolette, who is considered one of the best characters in the game.

Players can enjoy elements of anime, dungeon exploration, and home simulation in this popular mobile game, Soul Tide. Its description reveals that witches have unleashed doom upon the persistent world, and, tragically, the catastrophe not only left numerous dead, but left behind something terrible that overshadows every wounded soul.

Shortly afterwards, horrifying trees arose, pulling the already scarred land into pieces. These trees serve as entrances into Graveland, which is a chaotic realm in which mortals cannot survive. Thus, you can assume the role of an Evoker to survive, as they can enter the realm without consequences.

What are Dolls?

You receive your first characters, otherwise known as Dolls, during the early stages of the game. Dolls are wandering souls infused into artificial vessels, and their sole purpose is to assist you in your exploration.

Furthermore, every Doll possesses unique skill sets, each of which features 4 distinct abilities. They can use these abilities to help you defeat numerous enemy races. Though Dolls may seem like a simple feature, they are a crucial aspect of the game.

This is because you will not be able to progress in the game without them. For this reason, it can be said that your Dolls need you as much as you need them.

Soul Tide: Nicolette

One of the Dolls you can get in the game is Nicolette, who is described as a genius and a mad alchemist as she is obsessed with the mysteries of life and death. Nicolette has allegedly spent most of her life conducting forbidden experiments on humans.

Soul Tide: Nicolette
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Like every alchemist, Nicolette believes in and complies with the law of Equivalent Exchange, however, she does not adhere to moral principles. She is a Physical and Fire-type Doll that specialises in empowering other Fire-type characters.

Similarly to other Dolls, Nicolette possesses 2 distinct skill sets that she can use in battle. However, the talents are determined by the dominant class. This means that if you are using her as a Fire type, she will only use fire skills. She can use the following skills in battle:

Skill set Name Description

Plague Doctor

Unknown Poison Nicolette will attack an enemy while dealing physical damage.
  Virulent Outbreak She will attack an enemy in the front row, dealing physical damage, while inflicting a stack of Pestilence.
  Internal Bleeding This skill increases her bleed damage by 60 percent.
  Time for Meds It treats an enemy and inflicts 3 stacks of Bleed.


Unknown Potion It heals an ally for 60 percent of the attack.
  Explosive Flask Nicolette attacks an enemy 2 times, which deals Fire damage. It also stacks a burn effect.
  Fire Elixir This skill grants a Doll 2 charges of Extra Chilli.
  Forbidden Equation It increases a Doll’s attack and defence by 15 percent, and their health is also increased by 25 percent.

How to acquire Nicolette

Gamers receive a few free Dolls during the early stages of the game, but they are usually not very strong. These characters are, therefore, not intended to be used in endgame content, unless they have been fully upgraded. It is advised that you procure additional Dolls through the in-game gacha system called Evoke. Players can use Evoke to get Nicolette.

Evoke enables players to summon various rarities of heroes, by using different summoning currencies. It generally has different banners, which consists of distinct Dolls. You should keep an eye out for when Nicolette is on one of the banners to get a chance to obtain her.

How to improve Nicolette

It is worth noting that you have to improve your Dolls to increase their talents and powers. One of the ways you can improve Nicolette is by increasing her level. To do this, you have to use her in a team that is participating in one of the gaming modes. The more stages you complete, the more experience points she will receive. When she has enough experience, she will reach a new level, which improves her skills.

The maximum level your Dolls can reach is determined by your account level. Which is to say, if your account is on level 5, the highest level your Dolls can reach is level 5.

Is Nicolette one of the best Dolls in the game?

The Dolls are divided into separate tiers which are determined by their power, abilities, and rarity. The lowest tier usually contains Dolls that are extremely weak and, as such, not recommended, while the S-tier has the best characters in the game.

Nicolette falls into the S-tier, which means she is considered one of the best Dolls in the game. Players can clear endgame content with her, as she is incredibly powerful.

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