Soul Tide: Akaset

One of the Dolls you can procure in Soul Tide is Akaset; a powerful damage-dealer who is not considered one of the best characters in the game.

Soul Tide is an exciting role-playing mobile game that merges home simulation, anime girl collection, and dungeon exploration elements. The game’s official description states that witches have unleashed doom by creating the chaotic realm, Graveland. You can assume the role of the Evoker, who is responsible for creating teams of characters to defeat enemies.

These characters, otherwise known as Dolls, are wandering souls infused into artificial vessels. Their purpose is to assist your exploration and help you destroy Graveland. During the tutorial, Lady Shera will match you with a Doll; this connects your fates and intertwines your destinies.

How to collect a Doll

Gamers receive a few free Dolls during the early stages of the game, but they are usually not very strong. These characters are, therefore, not meant to be used in endgame content, unless they have been fully upgraded. The most common way to acquire additional Dolls is through the in-game gacha system called Evoke.

Evoke allows players to summon varying rarities of heroes using different summoning currencies that  players can obtain as they progress in the game. Evoke generally contains many banners that consist of various Dolls.

Soul Tide: Akaset

The game currently offers more than 20 Dolls that you can summon and play with, one of which is Akaset. She was a battle vessel that served with the Royal Navy of Zoek, a core nation of the Universe Alliance. After Akaset suffered severe damage beyond repair, her artificial intelligence (AI) module was retrieved and salvaged into her current synthetic humanoid body.

Soul Tide: Akaset
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She can, allegedly, not discern the difference between a hug and an oncoming attack. Nevertheless, she has a unique personality and prefers to stay in idle mode. However, she performs actions when instructed to.

Akaset is a Lightning and Frost type of Doll that takes on the role of attacker or defender in battle. You may notice her in chapter 8 of the Graveland, where she plays a crucial non-player character (NPC), however, this does not imply that you cannot procure her through the Evoke system.

Similarly to other Dolls, Akaset possesses many talents and abilities which are determined by her class. As such, she has both Lighting and Frost skills, but you cannot use both skill sets at the same time. Furthermore, you have to reach a specific level to unlock and gain access to both of these skill sets.

Akaset’s skills

Akaset’s role in a given battle depends on which skill set she is using. Her skills can be described as:

  Skill Description

Space Crusher

Electro Blast Akaset attacks an enemy while dealing Lightning damage.
  Satellite Lightning She deals damage to a foe and reduces the damage they do by 15 percent for 2 turns.
  EMP Storm Akaset deals damage to all enemies and increases their damage taken from area-of-effect attacks by 10 percent for 2 turns.
  TD Beam She attacks all the frontline enemies while inflicting an Electricity buff for 2 turns.

Glacial Escort

Cyro Ray Akaset deals Frost damage to an enemy in the front row.
  Icicle Shelling She attacks all enemies, but this skill increases her defence by 20 percent.
  Data Analysis At the end of the turn, this skill analyses how many hits Akaset received. If there are more AoE attacks, it reduces the team’s damage taken from AoE’s by 2 percent.
  I-Field It grants each Doll 2 charges of I-Field, each of which can reduce incoming damage by 25 percent.

Is Akaset one of the best characters in the game?

The Dolls in the game are divided into tiers. These tiers are determined by their power, rarity, skills and talents. The S-tier generally has the best heroes, while the lowest tier has the worst Dolls. Akaset forms part of the A-tier, which means that she is not one of the best Dolls, though her abilities are described as above average.

Players can use her in endgame content, however, it would be best to replace her with an S-tier Doll when the time is right.

Can Akaset be improved?

There are supposedly several methods you can use to improve the Dolls in the game, which means their levels, talents, and skills will increase. The most common way to improve Akaset is to gain experience points, as they increase her level.

Alternatively, you can increase her Star rating, as this will enhance her basic statistics, but you need shards to complete this process. You can also upgrade her skills, use Sigils, and slot Memories, amongst other things, to improve Akaset.

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