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Basic Information

Application Name Smite
Release Date March 25, 2014
Genre action MOBA
Platforms Steam / Xbox / PSN / Nintendo Switch
Price Free ( With In-Game Purchases)
Developer / Publisher Hi-Rez Studios
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebook / YouTube / Instagram / Twitch


Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. It was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This popular game invites players to take control of a god, goddess or a mythological figure and participate in team-based combat.

The game features various game modes, however, the largest is Conquest. Additionally, players can participate in Arena, Siege, Joust, Assault and Clash gaming mode. It is important to note that it also features different play styles, including Co-operation, Training, Custom, Normal and Ranked battles.


For each game mode and playstyle, players have to choose a figure to play as. For the time being, they can choose between characters from different pantheons. This includes, but are not limited to, Hindu, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, Slavic, Yoruba, Chinese and Norse.

It is important to note that the game features different character classes. The following table indicates the name and a description of each class:

Class Description
Hunter With this class, players can deal powerful basic attacks. It is important to note that Hunters play the Carry role in the Conquest game mode.
Guardian This class enables players to protect and support their teammates. They take on the support role in Conquest.
Assassin Assassins are known to get in and get out while dealing burst damage to their enemies. In Conquest, they take on the role of Jungle.
Warrior Players can set up their team for success and be the frontline character with this class. However, they take on the solo role in Conquest.
Mage The Mage class allows players to defeat their enemies with explosive abilities. In Conquest, they generally play the Mid role.


Players should remember that two members of the same team cannot choose the same character, while successful team combinations are typically based on a role-playing game’s raid configurations. This means that the team should consist of a healer, tank and a damage dealer.

Each character has a basic attack, a passive skill and four abilities with varying effects. The abilities are obtained and upgraded when the character levels up. To level up, they need to gain experience from being in range of minions when they are defeated.

In the game, players can obtain gold by slaying enemies or by selling owned items. The gold is used to buy items that can increase power, defence and passive effects. Additionally, players can also purchase potions, wards and abilities.




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