Smite: How to Jungle

Each character in Smite has specific responsibilities in battles, and Jungles are responsible for taking camps while providing buffs to their teammates.


Smite is a popular free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. It was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This popular game invites players to take control of a goddess, god or a mythological figure and participate in team-based combat.

The game features different character classes, including Mage, Warrior, Guardian, Assassin and Hunter. Each class takes on a specific role in the game’s Conquest mode: Mages take on the Mid role, Warriors are excellent in a solo role and Guardians are supporting units.

Additionally, Assassins are amazing in the Jungle while Hunters play the Carry role. It is important that each team features all five roles, as each role has specific objectives and responsibilities during battles. Players who are playing as the Jungler will spend most of their time moving around the map while attempting to defeat as many Jungle camps.

However, they will also weave between lanes and provide buffs to their teammates. It is believed that understanding how this role works can be quite complicated.

How to Jungle in Smite

Starting items

With regard to starter items, it is recommended that Junglers take Assassin’s Blessing, a ward and two potions. Additionally, they can take the first tier of their chosen weapon. Even though the two potions can vary, it is advised that players take the multi potions.

Where to start

Once players have obtained the items, they can move towards the yellow buff. Since it is a speed buff, they should have it on their character at all times, whenever it is possible. The Jungler and the Mid lane character should take it together. Afterwards, they should go towards the blue buff, which goes to the solo lane character.

However, if the other characters decide to work on their lane, the Jungler can defeat the harpy camp, which is located next to the yellow buff. When players are finished, they can move on to the blue buff. The final destination should be the middle lane.

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In this lane, players need to try and take the middle harpy camp. Once completed, they can walk to their left Jungle to grab the single middle harpy. Afterwards, they can head to the red camp for their mid lane god.

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