Smite Atlas

Smite’s developers recently announced that a new hero, Atlas, will be introduced to the game, however, not a lot of information about the hero has been released.


Smite is a popular free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. It was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This popular game invites players to take control of a goddess, god or a mythological figure and participate in team-based combat.

The game features various game modes, however, the largest is Conquest. Additionally, players can participate in Clash, Assault, Siege, Arena and Joust. It is important to note that it also features different play styles, including Co-operation, Training, Custom, Normal and Ranked battles.


For each game mode and playstyle, players have to choose a figure to play as. For the time being, they can choose between characters from different pantheons. This includes, but are not limited to: Norse, Chinese, Yoruba, Japanese, Slavic, Egyptian, Greek and Hindu.

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Players should note that the game features different character classes. The following table indicates the name and a description of each class:

Class Description
Mage The Mage class enables players to defeat their enemies with explosive abilities. In Conquest, they generally play the Mid role.
Guardian In this class, players have to protect and support their teammates. They take on the support role in Conquest.
Hunter With this class, players can deal powerful basic attacks. It is important to note that Hunters play the Carry role in the Conquest game mode.
Warrior Players can set up their team for success and be the frontline character with this class. However, they take on the solo role in Conquest.
Assassin Assassins are known to get in and get out while dealing burst damage to their enemies. In Conquest, they take on the role of Jungle.


It is important to note that two members of the same team cannot choose the same character. Players should also remember that successful team combinations are typically based on a role-playing game’s raid configurations. This means that the team should consist of a damage dealer, tank and a healer.

Each god in the game has a basic attack, a passive skill and four abilities with varying effects. The abilities are obtained and upgraded when the character levels up. To level up, they need to gain experience from being in range of minions when they are defeated.

In the game, players can obtain gold by slaying enemies or by selling owned items. The gold is used to buy items that can increase power, defence and passive effects. Additionally, they can also purchase potions, wards and abilities.

Smite Atlas

Atlas is an upcoming god in Smite. This character is not only strong, but he is also seen as the smartest of the Titans. Atlas has knowledge of various scholarly subjects, including Astronomy, Mathematics and Philosophy.

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Some believe that he was the original inventor of astronomy, as well as the world’s first astronomer. However, on the battlefield, Atlas takes on the role of a Guardian and deals melee damage,

Atlas core themes

The developers have recently released Atlas’ core themes which will be portrayed in Smite. His core themes include but are not limited to:

  • Atlas’ personality can be described as experienced. He was born into conflict between his father and his brother. When he was old enough, he fought the gods of Olympus before watching the planet developed. It is believed that he carries all of this onto the battlefield.
  • His theme is seen as perseverance, because at his core is a myth about never giving up. He was given an impossible task that he upheld.
  • Some believe that Atlas is as solid as a rock and very powerful. Subsequently, his visuals can be described as cosmic strength.
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Atlas skills

The following table indicates Atlas’ skills and abilities:

Skill name Skill description

Ultimate skill: Gamma-Ray Burst

When activated, Atlas calls forth a Gamma-Ray. Enemies in the area are hit every 0.5 seconds and gain a stack of Radiation. It decreases the enemy’s protections and power. After a time, it will focus in power and travel across the battlefield.

Active ability: Kinetic Charge

With this ability, Atlas charges forward. Each god in his team he charges near will have their burdens removed. When he collides with an enemy, he will release the burdens in an explosion.

Active ability: Gravity Pull

When it is activated, Atlas will pull his enemies towards his Astrolabe. Subsequently, they will be pulled into it and get held in front of the god.

Active Ability: Unburden

Unlike Gravity Pull, Atlas throws his Astrolabe to a target location, which does damage and slows the enemies. While active, his basic attack will cause an explosion, which does 40 percent damage to Minions. It is important to note that this skill costs five mana to use. After five seconds, or when Atlas refires the ability, the Astrolabe will return.

Passive ability: The Astrolabe

As Atlas deals or receives damage, he obtains 1.25 energy in the Astrolabe. Once he reaches 20 Energy, his next basic attack will deal 1.5 times more damage. Enemies that hare hit are trembled for 25 seconds while minions are stunned.


Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. It allows players to take control of a god, goddess or a mythological figure and participate in team-based combat. The game features a variety of gaming modes, including Clash, Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust, Siege and Arena.

The game’s developers recently announced that they will introduce a new hero: Atlas. It is believed that he is one of the strongest characters in Smite.

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