Shattered Pixel Dungeon Wiki

Basic Information

Application Name Shattered Pixel Dungeon
Release Date 2022
Genre RPG
Platforms App Store / Google Play  / GitHub
Price Free ( With In-Game Purchases)
Developer / Publisher Shattered Pixel
Official Site Website
Official Social Media Twitter


Players can enjoy rogue-like role-playing elements in this adventurous mobile game, Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The game contains distinctive dungeons, with 4 playable characters, each with unique powers and talents. Every dungeon has randomised levels and enemies to defeat, with over 150 items to collect. This game will test your strategic skills.

When you first start playing the game, you only have 1 character unlocked. Fortunately, you can unlock the others as you advance in the game. Every dungeon offers you unique items to procure, including gear, weapons, food, Artifacts, and potions, among others. Every item serves a specific objective in the game.


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