Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Sentry Room

The Sentry Room in Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Special Room that contains a big sentry that deals extraordinary damage.

Players are invited to put their strategic abilities to the test in this rogue-like role-playing mobile game, Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The game contains unique dungeons in which you can find different types of enemies, levels, and items to collect. There are currently 4 characters to choose from, however, some may be locked when you start playing the game.

Fortunately, once you have met the requirements to do so, you can unlock additional characters. Players should note that every dungeon is unique, which means that you will not find the same Special Rooms, items, or enemies in the same location as another dungeon. This keeps the game interesting, and ensures that the content does not get repetitive.

What are Special Rooms?

Special Rooms refer to rooms on the floor that have unique items and features. These rooms do not have random items scattered in them, but some of them contain treasure. Special Rooms always have only 1 entrance, and it can be locked.

This means that you first have to search and acquire a key to get access to the Special Room. You can also discover an unlocked room, which requires no key to enter, but the entrance may be blocked by an obstacle.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Sentry Room

The game currently features more than 20 Special Rooms, one of which is the Sentry Room. This room has an unkillable magical sentry, which targets your Hero as soon as you step onto the covered floor tiles. The damage the Sentry deals is extraordinary and can kill you quickly.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Sentry Room
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It is noteworthy that the Sentry needs 3 turns to charge up its attack, which allows you to walk across the scout area and reach the chest unharmed. It is guaranteed that a potion of haste will spawn on the same floor as the Sentry Room, and it is advised that you use this to your advantage.

When you drink the potion of haste, you get a haste buff for approximately 20 turns, which means your Hero will move 3 times faster than normal. This effect can be stacked with other sources of speed, including flow, ring of haste, potion of stamina, and Freerunner’s momentum, among others.

Players can equip the Artifact, Ethereal Chains, to help them pass the Sentry and reach the treasure chest. Alternatively, you can use an ally warp with the mage and Dried Rose, which allows you to place the ghost there and to warp to the treasure and back.

You can also try the Timekeeper’s hourglass, swiftthistle seed, and you can try to destroy the tiles with either a storm or aqua blast. Furthermore, a stone of blink, heroic leap, and high-level haste ring are beneficial in this Special Room.

What is the Timekeeper’s Hourglass?

The Timekeeper’s Hourglass is a large ornate hourglass with a peculiar appearance, and you can feel a great power from its finely carved frame. This Artifact can freeze time, either from the Hero’s perspective or from the enemies’ perspective.

Every charge can freeze time for up to 2 turns, or it can keep your Hero in stasis for 5 turns. When you have this Artifact equipped, you can freeze time in the Sentry Room to reach the treasure chest.

Swiftthistle seed

You will discover a variety of seeds as you progress in the dungeons, and each seed serves a specific purpose. Most of these seeds can be cooked to yield a greater benefit. One of the seeds you can collect is the Swiftthistle seed which grants the Hero 5 turns of the time bubble effect.

This allows you to perform several actions with no turn cost. But keep in mind that attacking and using wands or scrolls breaks the effect. Players can use this seed to their advantage if they have it in their inventory in the Sentry Room.

Can players use the invisibility potion to reach the treasure?

It may seem like a good idea to use the potion of invisibility while you are in the Sentry Room to reach the treasure, but, unfortunately, the Sentry sees right through the potion. It is thus recommended that you do not use the potion of invisibility as the Sentry may kill you.

Players should rather use one of the previously mentioned methods to reach the treasure chest in the Sentry Room.

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