Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Chalice of Blood

Shattered Pixel Dungeon has various Artifacts, one of which is the Chalice of Blood which passively increases natural health regeneration.

Players can enjoy rogue-like role-playing elements in this adventurous mobile game, Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The game contains distinctive dungeons, with 4 playable characters, each with unique powers and talents. Every dungeon has randomised levels and enemies to defeat, with over 150 items to collect. This game will test your strategic skills.

When you first start playing the game, you only have 1 character unlocked. Fortunately, you can unlock the others as you advance in the game. Every dungeon offers you unique items to procure, including gear, weapons, food, Artifacts, and potions, among others. Every item serves a specific objective in the game.

What is an Artifact?

Artifacts are a new type of equipment that have the ability to perform special actions. Unlike other equipment, Artifacts do not need Scrolls of Upgrade to grow stronger, instead, every item is upgraded using varying rules. Keep in mind that the current level limit on Artifacts is level 10.

Although Artifacts have unlimited uses, they are usually limited by cooldown or charging timers. Furthermore, you have to equip an Artifact to activate its abilities.

Since Artifacts are unique items, only 1 Artifact of a specific type can be generated in a dungeon. However, a Scroll of Transmutation can morph an item into another random Artifact that has not been spawned in a run yet.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Chalice of Blood

There are currently 11 different Artifacts you can find in the game. One of these Artifacts is the Chalice of Blood. The in-game description states that this shining silver chalice is oddly adorned with sharp gems at its rim.

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This Artifact passively increases natural health regeneration by reducing the number of turns between the times the Hero regains 1 health point naturally.

The table below outlines the regeneration delay:

Level Regeneration delay
+0 10
+1 9.1
+2 8.2
+3 7.3
+4 6.4
+5 5.5
+6 4.6
+7 3.7
+8 2.8
+9 1.9
+10 1

Keep in mind that this effect only works if your Hero is not starving. The Chalice of Blood is the only Artifact that does not have any active effects and energy. Similarly to other Artifacts, it can be upgraded using the prick command, which deals damage to the Hero in exchange for an upgrade.

The damage can be fatal in the short term, but the increase in regeneration can be quite beneficial in the long run. Players do not have to upgrade the Chalice of Blood all at once, so it is advised that they wait until the Hero is strong enough to take the damage.

The amount of damage inflicted by each upgrade is as follows:

Level Damage
+0 0
+1 3
+2 12
+3 27
+4 48
+5 75
+6 108
+7 147
+8 192
+9 243

Can armour reduce the damage of an upgrade?

As you advance in a dungeon, you can procure distinct kinds of armour and weapons. The damage of an upgrade is reduced by armour and most damage reduction effects like rock armour and herbal armour, but not by glyphs.

Since some of the reductions, like armour, are random, the effect of a successful roll versus an unsuccessful roll can be the difference between an upgrade and death, especially with higher armour and upgrade levels.

If the damage depletes the Hero’s health to 0, and you have a blessed ankh in your inventory, it will be consumed as normal, and the upgrade is considered successful. That being said, being revived by a regular ankh does not mean you have a successful upgrade.

Charging the Chalice of Blood

The Artifact does not have any energy, so it cannot be recharged. Artifact recharging buff and ring of energy, instead, causes the Artifact to replenish health faster. Players should note that the ring of energy increases the regeneration rate by the same factor as it increases the recharge speed of other Artifacts.

Artifact recharging causes the Chalice of Blood to heal the Hero for 5 turns worth of regeneration every turn, even if they are starving.

What happens when the Chalice of Blood is cursed?

When the Chalice of Blood is cursed, it binds itself to your character’s hand, which, in turn, prevents you from regenerating health. This means that their natural regeneration is reduced to 1 health point regenerated every 15 turns, instead of every 10 turns.

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