SGWoH: New Raid System

In early April 2023, SWGoH revealed details about the upcoming Raid System, which features the Krayt Dragon Raid.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is a mobile collectable role-playing game that invites players to explore a far distant corner in the Star Wars galaxy.

You have to complete quests, defeat enemies, collect heroes and discover star systems. In addition to these activities, there are various gaming modes you can enjoy.

In February 2023, SWGoH introduced the Krayt Dragon Raid, and in April 2023, they shared an update on the upcoming Raid System.

Krayt Dragon Raid

Players are now able to test their abilities in the Krayt Dragon Raid, which can be found on Tatooine. In this raid, you will find 2 separate challenges.

Firstly, you have to control the enemy monster with various debuffs and secondly, players have to deal as much damage as possible during short windows of time.

The Krayt Dragon Raid introduces a new mechanic known as Defiance. It requires players to bring powerful debuffs to minimize the effects of the boss’ attacks. You have to remove as many stacks of Defiance as possible before the boss takes its next turn.

It is worth noting that this Raid is not for the fainthearted. Only players who are confident in their abilities and skill should enter this Raid.

SGWoH: New Raid System

On Wednesday, 12 April 2023, SWGoH shared the road ahead for April 2023. Not only did this update share details about the May the 4th event, but it also featured details about the new Upcoming Raid System.

The Krayt Dragon Raid serves as a tribute to one of the best scenes from The Mandalorian. There are various mechanics you need to consider when taking on the enemy. The Dragon has very powerful abilities, which gets stronger when it is enraged.

Players can progress in the raid by dealing damage to the Dragon while it does not have bonus Protection. You therefore need to use the following to help you earn as many points as possible:

Bundle of Explosives Granted Abilities
  • Detonates after receiving damage 5 times. It deals damage to the Dragon and other Bundles of Explosives. If the Dragon has bonus Protection and is not Enraged, it also reduces its Turn Meter by 15 percent.
  • Fire Ballista: Deals true damage to target enemy 2 times and inflicts various debuffs.
  • Replant Explosives: Plant 2 Bundles of Explosives around the Dragon. However, it cannot be used if there are already 3 Bundles of Explosives

In addition to these bonuses, some of your heroes will benefit from specific effects. Furthermore, you can enjoy several Faction Bonuses and Modifiers, which will make defeating the Dragon easier.

Hero unit bonuses

While in the Raid, your heroes will benefit from several factors. It is important to note that the following effects do not stack with the same effect from other Faction Bonus abilities:

  • The character has a 100 percent increase in max health and max protection. At the start of their turn, the character dispels all debuffs on themselves. It reduces the cooldown of Fire Ballista or Replant Explosives by 20 percent.
  • The first time each turn this character attacks out of turn, they have a 75 percent chance of applying a stack of Damage over Time on the enemy for 1 turn.
  • This character is immune to poison, however the damage they deal is reduced by 50 percent. Whenever the character damages an enemy, it does not cause Turn Meter Gain. They have a 75 percent chance of applying Tenacity Down for 2 turns.
SGWoH: New Raid System
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Faction Bonuses and Modifiers

When you enter the Krayt Dragon Raid, you can benefit from several Faction Bonuses and Modifiers. The modifiers consist of different levels, each of which has unique effects on your character.

Faction Bonuses on the other hand include the following, but keep in mind that each bonus consists of unique effects:

  • Hutt Cartel
  • Jawa
  • Mandalorian
  • Old Republic
  • Tusken

Krayt Dragon’s abilities

Before entering the Raid, you should consider the enemy’s abilities

Ability Details
Basic: Bite
  • The Dragon deals physical damage to the target enemy and Daze them for 2 turns. He deals physical damage to all other enemies.
Special 1: Acid Spray
  • This ability defeats any enemies who are currently Swallowed. It also dispels all buffs on enemies and deals Special damage to them. He inflicts several debuffs on enemies.
  • When poisoned, the enemy’s health and protection recovery is decreased by 50 percent. Enemies take damage every turn equal to 75 percent of the total health with Protection recovered since their last turn.
Special 2: Swallow Whole
  • The boss swallows the target enemy and removes their status effects. The Dragon gains 20 stacks of Defiance and its speed is reduced by 25 percent. When Fearsome Defiance is removed, the Swallowed enemy is returned. However, if the Swallowed enemy is the last enemy, the battle ends.
Special 3: Burrow
  • Boss gains 20 percent bonus Protection and the granted ability Emerge until it is used, or until this bonus Protection is removed.
Unique 1: Apex Predator
  • Damage the Dragon receives is increased by 75 percent.
  • Whenever a character takes a turn, the Dragon gains 1 percent Enrage. The battle ends after the Dragon has taken 5 turns while Enraged.
Unique 2: Fearsome Defiance
  • When inflicted with specific debuffs, the boss loses stacks of Defiance and removes those debuffs. If no stacks of Defiance are present, this unit is immune to these debuffs.

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