Ragnarok X: Next Generation Wonderland Shop

During the Slime event in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, players can purchase items from the Wonderland Shop; however, players need to obtain Wonderland coins to buy items.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) is a popular mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It forms part of the popular Ragnarok franchise. Even though ROX has maintained the spirit of the well-loved Ragnarok Online, it introduces various new features and gameplay.

ROX invites players to explore the fantasy world of Midgard. However, players need to create a digital avatar to enter the world. Players can customize their avatars by equipping them with accessories, gear and costumes. It is important that players upgrade their avatars with better equipment systems throughout the game, as the avatars will become stronger.

The game offers players a variety of activities and missions to do. Players can participate in different events, go fishing, tame a monster to become a pet, complete mission boards, join guilds and join the carnival system.

ROX recently confirmed its first-ever collaboration with the popular anime series, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, also known as Tensura. The collaboration will bring the world of Tensura into the fantasy world of Midgard. It will feature multiple challenges and rewards for players who dare to join the big adventure.

To celebrate the upcoming event, ROX set up a daily reward event page. The reward page started in August 2021 and concluded on Sunday, 5 September 2021. During this time, players had the opportunity to gain 10 random rewards every day. However, it was based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Players had the chance to win the Slime Avatar, an exclusive mount and a side bar, among others.

The Slime event officially commenced on Friday, 10 September 2021 and will run for an entire month. Players will have the opportunity to defeat two new world bosses, complete new quests, participate in mini-games and receive various rewards. The highlighted rewards for the event include a Slime Fantasy themed outfit, headgear, and Ragna, a permanent mount.

During the event, players will also be able to participate in various ‘mini’ events, including the Slime Wonderland. For this mini event, players need to obtain Wonderland Silver coins, or Wonderland Gold coins in order to purchase items at the Wonderland Shop.

How to obtain Wonderland coins

Players are able to obtain the Wonderland Gold and Silver coins through various methods. Coins can be found in treasure chests or by winning the Slime Mini games. Additionally, players will receive coins when they defeat the events’ world bosses through the Maze Relay Point, or by purchasing them in the exchange centre.

After obtaining enough Wonderland Gold or Silver coins, players can use them to purchase items in the Wonderland Shop.

Wonderland Shop

Players are only able to find the Wonderland Shop in the Wonderland Adventure. It is important to note that players need to roll a die and land on the shop icon to enter the shop. If players fail to land on the shop icon, they will not be able to enter and purchase items at the Wonderland Shop.

If players manage to land on the shop icon, they will be able to purchase various items. The following table indicates the item, the item description and how much the item costs:

Item Item description Cost of item
Diablo Card This is an Armour Card that improves the character’s vitality regeneration by two percent. The card also improves the character’s maximum vitality by eight percent. 240 Wonderland Gold coins
Orc Disaster Cards

·  Day

·  Night

·  Void

The three Orc Disaster Cards provide the character with distinct additional abilities.

When players equip the Orc Disaster Day, Night and Void cards they can awaken the Orc Disaster, which can provide the character with additional statistics. Characters that are equipped with all three cards will be immune to lethal damage, will instantly recover 30 percent vitality and self-regeneration will be triggered.

3 600 Wonderland Gold coins
Anti-Magic Mask The item is made for the character’s eyes. It is important to note that the mask does dot provide additional statistics to the character. 50 Wonderland Gold coins
True Demon Lord Outfit Gift Pack Players will obtain an outfit specific to their character’s gender. Female characters will obtain the Milim Demon Lord set, while male characters will receive the Rimuru Demon Lord set. 500 Wonderland Gold coins
Storm Dragon Cards

·  Day

·  Night

·  Void

The three Storm Dragon Cards provide the characters with distinct additional statistics.

If a player is equipped with the Storm Dragon’s Day, Night and Void cards, they will awaken the Storm Dragon. After entering a combat, it will summon six black cyclones every 30 seconds. The cyclones will deal damage to every target they touch.

3 600 Wonderland Gold coins

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