Ragnarok X: Next Generation Cards Database

Card ImageCard NameCard EffectColorCard Slot LocationDropped by
fabre cardFabre CardASPD + 60WhiteWeaponFabre
familiar cardFamiliar CardM.ATK +30
M.PEN +30
female thief bug cardFemale Thief Bug CardCrit +60WhiteWeaponFemale Thief Bug
rocker cardRocker CardHP +4.800WhiteWeaponRocker
savage bebe cardSavage Bebe CardM.ATK +30
Bonus +30
WhiteWeaponSavage Bebe
wolf cardWolf CardFinal ASPD +40%BlueWeaponWolf
caramel cardCaramel CardM.ATK +60
M.PEN +60
hydra cardHydra CardM.ATK +120WhiteWeaponHydra
plankton cardPlankton CardM.ATK +60WhiteWeaponPlankton
vadon cardVadon CardATK +3%
Final DMG Bonus +3%
marina cardMarina CardATK +6%BlueWeaponMarina
deviace cardDeviace CardDamage to small monsters +10%BlueWeaponDeviace
goblin archer cardGoblin Archer CardDamage to insect monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponGoblin Archer
Goblin Steamrider CardGoblin Steamrider CardDamage to dragon monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponGoblin Steamrider
Horn CardHorn CardASPD +120WhiteWeaponHorn
flora cardFlora CardM.ATK +60
Bonus +120
Peco Peco Egg CardVigor +60WhiteWeaponPeco Peco
Andre CardAndre CardATK +3%
Final PEN +3%
Drainliar CardATK +60WhiteWeaponDrainliar
Desert Wolf CardDesert Wolf CardM.ATK +3%
Final M.DMG Bonus +3%
BlueWeaponDesert Wolf
Scorpion CardScorpion CardFinal ASPD +30%BlueWeaponScorpion
Skeleton CardSkeleton CardDamage to large monsters +10%BlueWeaponSkeleton
Archer Skeleton CardArcher Skeleton CardM.ATK +3%
Final M.PEN +3%
BlueWeaponArcher Skeleton
Minorous CardMinorous CardM.ATK +6%BlueWeaponMinorous
Side Winder CardSide Winder CardFinal Vigor +3%BlueWeaponSide Winder
Magnolia CardMagnolia CardFinal Crit +6%BlueWeaponMagnolia
Orc Lady CardOrc Lady CardDamage to Demi Human monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponOrc Lady
Orc Skeleton CardOrc Skeleton CardDamage to Demon monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponOrc Skeleton
Zenorc CardZenorc CardDamage to Undead monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponZenorc
Hunter Fly CardHunter Fly CardATK +60
Material damage bonus +120
WhiteWeaponHunter Fly
Rotar Zairo CardRotar Zairo CardDamage to Animal monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponRotar Zairo
Skeleton Worker CardSkeleton Worker CardCrit +120WhiteWeaponSkeleton Worker
Ground Petite CardGround Petite Card​Damage to Invisible monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponGround Petite
Requiem CardRequiem CardEarth Attribute Enhancement +10%
Fire Attribute Enhancement +10%
Snake CardSnake CardGhost Attribute Enhancement +10%
Poison Attribute Enhancement +10%
Dagger-Wielding Skeleton Pirate CardVigor +120WhiteWeaponDagger-Wielding Skeleton Pirate
Kobold Archer CardKobold Archer CardDamage to Fish and Shell monsters +12.5%BlueWeaponKobold Archer
Ambernite CardAmbernite CardATK +30
PEN +30
Argos CardArgos CardATK +60
PEN +60
Arclouze CardArclouze CardWater Attribute Enhancement +10%
Wind Attribute Enhancement +10%
Bigfoot CardBigfoot CardHoly Attribute Enhancement +10%
Neutral Attribute Enhancement +10%
Munak CardMunak CardDamage to Medium monsters +10%BlueWeaponMunak
Anubis CardAnubis CardFinal Crit +8%BlueWeaponAnubis
Hornet CardHornet CardATK +30
Material damage bonus +30
Lunatic CardLunatic CardM.ATK +60WhiteHeadgearLunatic
Mandragora CardMandragora CardDamage bonus +60WhiteHeadgearMandragora
Drops CardDrops CardPEN +60WhiteHeadgearDrops
Mummy CardMummy CardFinal M.PEN +6%BlueHeadgearMummy
Anacondaq CardAnacondaq CardDamage bonus +240WhiteHeadgearAnacondaq
Dead Plankton CardDead Plankton CardPEN +120WhiteHeadgearDead Plankton
Piere CardPiere CardM.ATK +6%BlueHeadgearPiere
Flail-Wielding Goblin CardFlail-Wielding Goblin CardCurse resistance +30%BlueHeadgearFlail-Wielding Goblin
Mace-Wielding Kobold CardMace-Wielding Kobold CardBleeding resistance +30%BlueHeadgearMace-Wielding Kobold
Mace-Wielding Goblin CardMace-Wielding Goblin CardPoison resistance +30%BlueHeadgearMace-Wielding Goblin
Hammer-Wielding Goblin CardHammer-Wielding Goblin CardArmor damage resistance +30%BlueHeadgearHammer-Wielding Goblin
Axe-Wielding Goblin CardAxe-Wielding Goblin CardVariable Cooldown-1 secondBlueHeadgearAxe-Wielding Goblin
Poring CardPoring CardATK +60WhiteHeadgearPoring
Grasshopper CardGrasshopper CardDamage bonus +60WhiteHeadgearGrasshopper
Verit CardVerit CardFinal M.DMG Bonus +6%BlueHeadgearVerit
Willow CardWillow CardM.PEN +60WhiteHeadgearWillow
Coco CardCoco CardM.ATK +120WhiteHeadgearCoco
Stainer CardStainer CardATK +120WhiteHeadgearStainer
Giearth CardGiearth CardDamage bonus +240WhiteHeadgearGiearth
Ghoul CardGhoul CardVariable channeling-0.25 secondsBlueHeadgearGhoul
Elder Willow CardElder Willow CardDarkness resistance +30%BlueHeadgearElder Willow
Deviruchi CardDeviruchi CardBonus Heal Received +10%BlueHeadgearDeviruchi
Nightmare CardNightmare CardRecover HP +5% every 5 secondsBlueHeadgearNightmare
Marduk CardMarduk CardFinal DMG Bonus +6%BlueHeadgearMarduk
Martin CardMartin CardM.PEN +120WhiteHeadgearMartin
Deniro CardDeniro CardFinal PEN +6%BlueHeadgearDeniro
Ant Larva CardAnt Larva CardATK +6%BlueHeadgearAnt Larva
Orc Warrior CardOrc Warrior CardWeapon damage resistance +30%BlueHeadgearOrc Warrior
Metaller CardMetaller CardATK +120WhiteArmorMetaller
Picky CardPicky CardHP +1.200WhiteArmorPicky
Roda Frog CardRoda Frog CardDEF +120WhiteArmorRoda Frog
Swordfish CardSwordfish CardFinal M.DEF +6%BlueArmorSwordfish
Marc CardMarc CardDamage From Fire monsters -10%
Damage From Ghost monsters -10%
Damage From Earth monsters -10%
Argiope CardArgiope CardFinal DEF +6%BlueArmorArgiope
Steel Chonchon CardSteel Chonchon CardM.DEF +60WhiteArmorSteel Chonchon
Savage CardSavage CardM.DEF +120WhiteArmorSavage
Dokebi CardDokebi CardDamaged From Water monsters -10%
Damage From Undead monsters -10%
Damage From Poison monsters -10%
Picky Shell CardPicky Shell CardDEF +60WhiteArmorPicky Shell
Sasquatch CardSasquatch CardMax HP +12%BlueArmorSasquatch
Pasana CardPasana CardDamage From Neutral monsters -10%
Damage From Shadow monsters -10%
Damage From Wind monsters -10%
High Orc CardHigh Orc CardFinal M.DEF +10%BlueArmorHigh Orc
Sky Petite CardSky Petite CardMax HP +20%BlueArmorSky Petite
Pupa CardPupa CardHP +1.200WhiteCloaKPupa
Thief Bug CardThief Bug CardDamage reduction +60WhiteCloaKThief Bug
Whisper CardWhisper CardDamage reduction +240WhiteCloaKWhisper
Marse CardMarse CardFinal M.DMG RES +6%BlueCloaKMarse
Condor CardCondor CardDamage Reduction +60WhiteCloaKCondor
Hode CardHode CardMax HP +12%BlueCloaKHode
Frilldora CardFrilldora CardFinal Damage Reduction +6%BlueCloaKFrilldora
Nine Tail CardNine Tail CardDamage from Demon monsters -10%
Damaged From Fish monsters -10%
Damage From Dragon monsters -10%
BlueCloaKNine Tail
Orc Zombie CardOrc Zombie CardDamage From Formless monsters -10%
Damage From Demi Human monsters -10%
Damage From Plant monsters -10%
BlueCloaKOrc Zombie
Jakk CardJakk CardDamaged From Insect monsters -10%
Damage From Undead monsters -10%
Damaged From Brute monsters -10%
Marionette CardMarionette CardMax HP +20%BlueCloaKMarionette
Myst CardMyst CardDamage reduction +240WhiteCloaKMyst
Bapho Jr. CardBapho Jr. CardFinal M.DMG RES +10%BlueCloaKBapho Jr.
Dustiness CardDustiness CardHP +4.800WhiteCloaKDustiness
Axe-Wielding Skeleton Pirate CardDEF +60
Material injury reduction +120
WhiteShoesAxe-Wielding Skeleton Pirate
Dagger-Wielding Goblin CardDagger-Wielding Goblin CardMax HP +20%BlueShoesDagger-Wielding Goblin
Axe-Wielding KoboldAxe-Wielding KoboldFinal M.DEF +5%
Final M.DMG RES +5%
Cornutus CardCornutus CardFinal DEF +3%
Final DMG RES +3%
Pecopeco CardPeco Peco CardM.DEF +60
Damage reduction +120
WhiteShoesPeco Peco
Baby Desert Wolf CardBaby Desert Wolf CardM.DEF +30
Damage reduction +30
WhiteShoesBaby Desert Wolf
Isis CardIsis CardFinal M.DEF +3%
Final M.DMG RES +3%
Male Thief Bug CardMale Thief Bug CardDEF +30
Damage reduction +30
WhiteShoesMale Thief Bug
Chonchon CardChonchon CardHP +1.200WhiteShoesChonchon
Matyr CardMatyr CardMax HP +12%BlueShoesMatyr
Zombie CardZombie CardHP +4.800WhiteShoesZombie
Eggyra CardEggyra CardDamage by Medium monsters -10%BlueShoesEggyra
Sohee CardSohee CardDamage by Large monsters -10%BlueShoesSohee
Skeleton General CardSkeleton General CardDamage by Small monsters -10%BlueShoesSkeleton General
Golem CardGolem CardFinal ASPD +30%BlueAccessoriesGolem
Soldier Skeleton CardSoldier Skeleton CardFinal Vigor +3%BlueAccessoriesSoldier Skeleton
Hammer-Wielding Kobold CardHammer-Wielding Kobold CardPhysical Lifesteal +10%BlueAccessoriesHammer-Wielding Kobold
Orc Baby CardOrc Baby CardSilence resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesOrc Baby
Tarou CardTarou CardVigor +60WhiteAccessoriesTarou
Spore CardSpore CardPEN +60WhiteAccessoriesSpore
Yoyo CardYoyo CardPEN +120WhiteAccessoriesYoyo
Poporing CardPoporing CardM.PEN +60WhiteAccessoriesPoporing
Smokie CardSmokie CardASPD +120WhiteAccessoriesSmokie
Creamy CardCreamy CardDamage Bonus +60WhiteAccessoriesCreamy
Kukre CardKukre CardVigor +120WhiteAccessoriesKukre
Poison Spore CardPoison Spore CardDamage bonus +60WhiteAccessoriesPoison Spore
Pirate Skeleton CardPirate Skeleton CardM.PEN +120WhiteAccessoriesPirate Skeleton
Phen CardPhen CardFinal M.PEN +6%BlueAccessoriesPhen
Marine Sphere CardMarine Sphere CardFinal DMG Bonus +6%BlueAccessoriesMarine Sphere
Obeaune CardObeaune CardStun resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesObeaune
Mantis CardMantis CardM.Damage bonus +240WhiteAccessoriesMantis
Muka CardMuka CardDamage bonus +240WhiteAccessoriesMuka
Greatest General CardGreatest General CardPetrochemical resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesGreatest General
Horong CardHorong CardSleep resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesHorong
Wormtail CardWormtail CardFreezing resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesWormtail
Bongun CardBongun CardRoot resistance +30%BlueAccessoriesBongun
Orc Archer CardOrc Archer CardMagic Lifesteal +10%BlueAccessoriesOrc Archer
Zerom CardZerom CardFinal M.DMG Bonus +6%BlueAccessoriesZerom
Vitata CardVitata CardFinal PEN +6%
Can Use Lv.1 [Heal]. SP cost of all skills is increased by 25%. (This
effect doesnt stack.)
Wind Ghost CardWind Ghost CardM.REF DMG +10%BlueAccessoriesWind Ghost
Wraith CardWraith CardCritical Damage reduction +20%BlueAccessoriesWraith
Thief Bug Egg CardThief Bug Egg CardASPD +60WhiteAccessoriesThief Bug Egg