ROX: Next Generation’s pet system explained

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) recently announced that its new pet system will launch in August 2021; even though it is an exciting feature to the game, it can seem intimidating.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, also known as ROX, is a mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game has maintained the spirit of the well-loved classic, Ragnarok Online, and reimagined it into an impressive three-dimensional (3D) world. ROX introduces a lot of fresh features and innovative gameplay mechanics that a player would not find in the classic version.

ROX has managed to capture the essence of the original game with its modern take on the world. Players experience some features from the initial game, such as drop classes, the expansive 3D-rendered maps, as well as the items and monsters’ players can find in-game. The game still retains the cartoonish art style of the different playable characters and non-player characters (NPC).

The rich lore of the Ragnarok franchise has been incorporated through the game’s main story and side quests, and players get to watch real-time-rendered animations of the storylines that will immerse them in the world of Ragnarok.

How does the game run on mobile?

Playing the game on a smartphone is super smooth, as the touchscreen and joystick controls are perfectly positioned to fit the player’s screen and hands. The colors and stye of the user interface (UI) can be overwhelming at first, however, it is very intuitive and players can easily declutter the screen by hiding UI elements that are not in use.

Which classes are in Ragnarok X: Next Generation?

ROX features the six original job classes, including the Swordsman, who has balanced offensive and defensive statistics, meaning that this class can either serve as a tank or as a damage dealer. The acolyte class excels in healing and enhancing their allies combat capabilities, which makes them a supporting class. The mage class deals range area of effect (AOE) elemental magic damage, meaning they can easily destroy a big group of enemies.

The thief class has the ability to deal single target burst damage, which makes them a lethal force in player versus player (PvP). The archer class can either fire deadly arrows to quickly destroy their enemies, or set up traps to support their team. The merchant class relies on their pushcart to deal damage.

Players are able to try out different classes to get a feel of their skills before deciding which class they want to be.

How does the stamina system work in Ragnarok X: Next Generation?

The game’s stamina system is very unique, as players do not need stamina to gain experience and loots while away from keyboard (AFK) farming. The stamina is used for a different feature called RO Life, where players can go fishing, mining, gardening, smelting, cooking and crafting, in order to obtain various materials.

What is Odin’s Blessing?

What is Odin’s Blessing?

When farming normal monsters, players will need Odin’s Blessing, which is a buff that grants five times more experience, zeni and drop rate while killing monsters in the field. However, it is only consumed when the player kills a monster that is six levels lower, up to six levels higher than their character’s level. The amount of Odin’s Blessings consumed is based on the size of the monster killed. Every point of Odin’s Blessing consumed grants one stamina for RO Life activities.

Are there guilds in Ragnarok X: Next Generation?

The social part of the game features guilds and parties. As in many MMORPG games, ROX has a guild system where players can adventure with other players. Parties can help players clear difficult instances, while having a good guild can assist players to progress their characters statistics and gear.

How does a player obtain gear?

Different classes require different sets of equipment, and players can obtain gear from clearing instances, “pulling” in the equipment gacha, or by purchasing the equipment in the exchange center. White gear is generally the easiest to upgrade and is decent for early game content. Players can then upgrade to blue gear, as it grants better statistics, especially with higher refinement and enhancement.

How does the trading system work?

Even though there is no direct player-to-player trading system, there is an exchange center where players can buy and sell their items, in exchange for crystals. The crystals a player earns from selling items can be used to buy other items or converted into diamonds, which players can use to purchase rare equipment and cards.

What is “carnival”?

The game also features a “carnival”, where players can view the daily activities, which grants a lot of rewards. There is a daily reward limit of three per day, where players have a chance to obtain equipment, cards and boss materials. Players need to complete 10 daily quests for Mission Board, which not only grants experience and zeni, but also 1400 Odin’s Blessings. There are various carnival activities a player can do, but the goal is to get 100 activity points daily, as it grants 1 500 crystals per day.

Is Ragnarok X: Next Generation a pay-to-win game?

ROX is definitely not a pay-to-win game, as everything in the game can be obtained through free-to-play (F2P), and there are no exclusive items that can only be bought using real money.

Are there pets in the game?

ROX recently took to social media to announce that the new pet system will launch in 2021. In addition to the new pet system, ROX also announced a new RO Life skill called Pet Taming. This skill line is specially designed for the pet system, and players are able to discover more about the pets, their statistics, skills and abilities in the skill tree.

What are pets?

Pets are captured monsters that provide players with extra statistics when summoned. The pets are able to cast certain skills.

How many pets are available?

There are many types of monsters that players can tame as pets, ranging from the weak to the strong. A player can choose which pet they want because there are various choices, however, the player needs to pay attention to whether they are suitable for caring for the particular pet. Currently, the game offers 16 different pets for players to choose from.

How many pets are available?

How to capture pets

There is a requirement of base level 60 before players are able to unlock the pet tutorial quest. When the level is obtained, the pet quest will be automatically listed in their quest tab. The quest will lead the player to the pet NPC in Prontera, where players will have to buy a slingshot and some marbles with Zeny.  The slingshot is an obligation because players will attack their prospective pet with it. If a player attacks the pet without using the slingshot, the pet will die easily. Players can buy the slingshot for $100,000.

The blue basic projectiles are recommended for a low-level pet, as it deals 10 percent of damage, while the pink intermediate projectiles deal 15 percent of hit points, and the orange projectiles are for higher-level pets, as they deal the most damage. In addition, players will need to buy a taming item for the specific pet. In the pet menu, players will be able to see what taming item is needed for the desired pet. For example, lunatics prefer carrots, while pouring require unripe apples.

It is recommended that a player needs six pieces of the specific taming item for each capture attempt. However, the chance to catch a pet is quite low, so players will most likely need 30 to 60 taming items.

After buying and equipping the slingshot and projectiles, the player will need to travel to South Prontera, where they will speak with an NPC who gives the player a pet taming skill. The player needs to put the capture skill in one of their skill slots in order to capture the pet.

After the items have been prepared, the next step in the quest is to start taming the pet, a small monster that is easy to tame. Players should remember to attack the pet in the way they have been told, using special items instead of strong and careless attacks. The perfect time to tame the monster, is when the hit points (HP) is at its lowest. Players should use the capture pet skill before the monster escapes or dies. However, it can take several attempts before the player successfully captures the desired pet.

After the capture pet skill is used, the game will indicate if the capture was successful. If the player fails to capture the pet, they do not need to worry as the game system is programmed if you fail to catch it. There is a percentage that plays here, but for the first try, it usually goes easily as it is used as an example. When the player successfully capture’s the monster, a notice will appear, stating the pet’s talents, skills, abilities and statistics. Players will be able to use the pet immediately after concluding the pet quest.

What is the pet capture percentage?

White pets have a capture rate of five percent to 15 percent, depending on how much HP it has. Lesser HP grants higher chance, while blue pets have a catch rate of two percent to seven percent. However, the rarest pet in the game, Phreeoni’s catch rate is unknown.

How to summon a pet

To summon a pet, players can click on the pet icon below their avatar. When the icon is clicked again, the pet will disappear until it is summoned again. If multiple pets are owned, the player can switch between them at any time,even during battles, Kreiger Von Midgard (KVM) and guild versus guild (GVG). Pets will have a green bar around its icon, which gradually depletes when active and recovers when they are inactive. Once the bar is fully depleted, players cannot summon the pet until it has recovered. Players can also recover their pets from using items from the pet shop, however, it is limited to 10 a day.

Pet vitality

Pets can be summoned once a player adds them to a battle slot. One pet stamina will be consumed every 10 seconds while it is on the field. Every pet has 720 stamina points, meaning that the pet can be summoned for 120 minutes.

Pet intimacy level

Players can increase the pet intimacy level by interacting with it. Players can pet it for free in order to gain intimacy experience. However, petting is limited to 30 times daily and it is shared to all pets, meaning that if a player owns multiple pets, they can only interact with three pets 10 times for free. Players can also buy gifts for the pet at the pet NPC, which will also obtain more intimacy experience.

When a player only does the free interaction, a white pet will reach level 50 in four months. While a blue pet will take nearly 10 months to reach level 50. However, an evolved blue pet will require more than 10 years. A purple pet will take one and a half years to reach maximum level, and an evolved purple pet will require two years.

As the pet intimacy levels up, the pet will gain a statistics boost, which will apply to the player’s character when the pet is summoned.

Pet statistics

Every pet in the game has its own advantages, status and passive skills. All of these things will benefit the player as long as the pet is summoned. For example, lunatics have hit points (HP), physical damage reduction, critical damage, physical defense and physical damage bonus among others. While the pouring has HP, physical penetration, physical damage reduction, physical attack and physical defense among others. These statistics can be divided into magical and physical stats. White pets give the least number of advantages and statistics, while blue gives more advantages, and purple gives the most statistics and advantages to the character.

When a pet is captured, the player will obtain a random range of statistics, which has equivalent qualifications and quality. The qualification determines the star level of a pet, a one-star white pet has a qualification of below 48. However, when the qualification reaches 48, it will automatically become a two-star pet. Qualification can be enhanced after the pet has reached level 10 intimacy. However, materials are needed for the qualification enhancement.

Elemental Soulstone can be obtained as an extra reward in level six mining, and above Ore Veins with a percentage ratio of approximately 0.5 percent to one percent. It can also be sold in the exchange center.

Scales can be obtained from fishing, however, players need to have a level six fishing skill in order to obtain this item. It does not matter where the player fish for this item, as long as they have level six in this skill line. Scales is just an extra catch and does not cost extra stamina. The percentage rate is around six percent.

Higher star level pets require higher tier materials. One to two star pets require tier I and level 10 intimacy. Two to three star pets need tier II and level 20 intimacy. While four to five star pets require tier IV and level 40 intimacy.

Pet evolution

As a pet owner, players have to pay attention and take care of the pet by feeding it, petting it, and checking its condition. Just like the character, the pet has its own level system, and the player can increase the pet’s level by feeding it and properly caring for it. Every time the pet levels up, the stronger it gets.

Pets that reach a certain level of star and intimacy can evolve into a higher rarity pet. For example, lunatic pets evolve into eclipse pets, pouring can evolve into mastering, and hornet can evolve into mistress. While the yo-yo and skeleton walker do not feature any evolution possibilities.

However, the player will need to own a certain headgear and a pet advance pill, which can be bought at the pet NPC, before the evolution can take place. Players should be aware of the fact that there is a low chance of successfully evolving a pet. A white pet evolving to purple is 10 percent, while a white to blue evolution is 20 percent. Some pets are only obtainable through evolution; however, they need to maximum level and intimacy.

When the evolution has failed, it will deduct a huge amount of pet intimacy, but after a successful evolution, the player’s pet will start fresh as the pet intimacy and star level will reset.

Pet skills

In addition to pet talents, pets can also have three skills. The first slot of the pet skills tree is opened by default. The other two slots will unlock once the pet reaches three and five stars respectively. There are various different skill lines that can be obtained randomly by a pet, but players can also learn a certain skill. However, learning skills can be difficult. Players need an Element Comprehension, which can only be obtained from the pet gacha machine.

Pet Gacha Machine and Chamber of Commerce (CoC) Missions

Players will need to complete CoC missions in order to obtain pet gacha coins, which they will be able to spend at the new pet gacha machine. Even though players will be able to roll for various pet materials at the new machine, the goal of the new gacha machine is to obtain the pet skills materials. This will serve as the only source for the Skill Comprehension. However, players only have seven percent chance to obtain it.

Can a pet be released?

If a player does not feel the need to keep a pet any longer, they will be able to release the pet and get various materials in return.

Can the pet’s name and appearance change?

Players are able to change all of their pets’ names when going in to the pet menu. However, players need a specific item in order to change the names. The item can be bought at the pet NPC. In addition, players can also change the pet’s appearance to their liking.

Is a pet a must have?

Catching a pet can be very expensive, especially for free to play (F2P) players. However, F2P players can stick with white pets and slowly gain intimacy level using the free petting option. The white pet gives a free statistic boost when it is summoned. If a player is lucky to catch a pet with only one to three attempts, it is only around 18 000 to 54 000 gold for statistics boost that can grow and strengthen a character.

When is the pet system launching?

ROX took to Instagram on Monday, 9 August 2021, to announce that the pet system will be released on Friday, 13 August 2021.


Even though the new pet system can seem very intimidating at first, it is a very exciting new feature to Ragnarok X: New Generation. When players reach base level 60, the pet quest will automatically be listed on their quest list. Players can buy a slingshot, projectiles and taming items at the pet NPC to capture a monster. After buying the items, players will need to travel to a specific location as monsters do only spawn in certain areas of the map. To capture the monster, players will need use the slingshot to reduce its hit points. When the hit points are at their lowest, players should use the capture pet skill. However, it may take several attempts before the monster is successfully tamed.

After taming the monster, players should remember to take care of their new pet, as the intimacy level increases the pet’s level. A higher pet level translates to a stronger pet. When the pet has reached a specific level, it is possible that it can evolve into a rare pet. Every pet offers the player different advantages, skills and abilities, so players should do research in order to know which pet fits best with their class.

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