ROX: Next Generation Assassin build

The Assassin class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) can be divided into two categories with one sub-category, and players can choose between a Katar, double damage and skill-based assassin.

The Assassin class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation can be difficult for some players. Whether the character is killing monsters for experience, boss hunting or participating in the player-versus-player mode, it always seems that there is a better class than Assassins.

The reason why other classes are better is because the Assassin’s weapons can only deal 75 percent damage to a large monster. Most of the world and mini bosses are large monsters. This means that the Assassin’s damage will drastically reduce when fighting any boss.

Cards for the Assassin’s class are mostly dropped from large monsters, so players can have a difficult time obtaining the cards. However, if the player does not mind some hardship, and they really love playing an Assassin, they can become a strong character.

Types of Assassins

Players can choose between two different weapons for their Assassin: Katar and Daggers. The Katar Assassin depends on fast, basic, critical attacks in order to deal boost damage. On the other hand, Assassins using daggers can be divided into two categories: double attack Assassin and skill-based Assassin. The double attack Assassin relies on double attacks to deal continuous damage, while the skill-based Assassin relies on skill combinations to deal burst damage.

Statistics distribution

For both types of Dagger Assassins, it is recommended that the player allocates all statistics points into the strength category. Strength is an Assassin’s main statistic for dealing physical attacks. By adding points to strength, the attack damage will increase.

Players do not need to allocate points in the agility and vitality section, as it will be compensated with equipment and cards.

Double attack Assassin’s equipment

When the player first starts the Assassin class, it would not be very powerful due to its low level and low-end equipment. However, the player can upgrade the Assassin’s equipment to a complete setup to make it stronger. That being said, Assassins are not recommended for a casual or free-to-play character, as it can be an expensive class.

The main focus for the double attack Assassin is to increase the attack damage and attack speed. Luckily, their equipment is quite easy to obtain. Players should use level 25 white accessories and a talisman that they obtained through the instance. These two pieces complements the double-attack Assassin very well.

Once the character has reached a higher level, they can upgrade their accessories and talisman to obtain a higher grip level. The higher grip level can increase the attack damage and attack speed.

As for the other equipment, players can use any good equipment that is available to them, based on the character’s level. However, it is important to note that the higher-grade equipment the player can obtain, the better benefits it provides.


Players should be focusing on the cards that are able to increase the character’s attack damage and attack speed. The good thing about Assassins is that players can slot an extra card on their daggers. Other weapons can only slot three cards. This means that the character can have two cards on the left-hand side and two cards on the right-hand side. Players should use the extra slot cards to increase their character’s attack speed and attack damage further.

If the player upgrades their white equipment, it will provide a better state. However, if a player can obtain blue equipment, it will increase the attacks even more. Even though the blue equipment is better, white equipment can also work.

Double attack Assassin skill set

The double Assassin relies on basic attack to deal damage, so the skill set is rather straightforward. In the first job class skill, it is recommended that players upgrade the double attack skill to a maximum level. Players can consider increasing the improved dodge passive skill and the poison-based skill for extra benefits. However, it is recommended that players save their skill points, as there is a lot of skill points that go into the second job skill.

In the second job skill, players need to upgrade the right-hand mastery skill in order to unlock the left-hand mastery skill. Activating the left-hand mastery skill will allow the player to use the dagger on the left hand. Players can then increase both skills in order to increase the attacks.

After that, players should increase the twin blade piercing skill. This passive skill will have a chance to lower the target’s defence. This means that the player can deal more normal attack damage.

Players can put one point into the venom dart skill. This skill will cause the target to take physical poison damage every second. Players can use the remaining skill points to increase the poison-based skills.  Players can increase the enchant poison skill to 10, and the knife skill to level five to unlock the enhanced enchant poison skill. Players can upgrade this skill to level 10.

However, Assassins will not benefit from the venom knife skill, so it is not necessary to upgrade it further.

Skill based Assassin


Vigor can decrease a skill’s variable cooldown by nearly seven seconds, and variable channelling time by nearly one to two seconds. The more Vigor the player has, the faster they can cast skills. This build focuses on adding Vigor to have a lower skill cooldown, to cast a skill more often. This type of Assassin uses skill to deal physical melee attacks, instead of using double attacks.


It is recommended that players use level 25 white accessories that have the state to increase attack and Vigor. As for the talisman, players should use one with the biggest state.

As for the other equipment, it is similar to the double attack Assassin. Players can use whatever good equipment they can find, suitable to their level. Players should upgrade their white accessories as they gain higher levels in the game.

Players should equip cards that increases attack or physical defence penetration. Players will get more than enough Vigor through enchanting and refining their weapons and accessories.


This type of Assassin relies on skills to deal burst damage. Players can use the brute force, ambush and the venom knife skill. To use these skills, players will need to increase the hiding skill up to level five to unlock the ambush skill. Upgrading the enchant poison skill to level five will unlock the venom knife skill.

Upgrading brute force, ambush and the venom knife skill depends on the player’s Vigor state.

The remaining skill points will be used for the second job class skill. Players need to upgrade the right-hand mastery skill to unlock the left-hand mastery skill. Both skills can be increased to the max. Players can increase the venom dart skill according to their Vigor state.

Players can put one point into the roll away skill, in order to dash away from lethal blows. It is recommended that players upgrade all of their skills at the same time.

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