Roblox updates in-game cursor

The new version of the Roblox cursor is said to consist of a mix of the previous cursors, however, multiple fans do not approve of the cursor’s new design.

Roblox has been around for over a decade, and it is still considered a great platform for content creators and gamers to spend their money and their free time. The company reportedly sets out to create a pleasant gaming experience and a good user interface for users.

Roblox Corporation often updates its gaming platform to keep up with modern trends. Some updates are notable, for example, the execution of display names. However, the company also implements small, subtle changes, like the cursor, which reportedly has a new appearance.

The new Roblox cursor reportedly does not feature a major change from the previous design, as it only received a tail. The new cursor now falls more in line with the default Windows cursor, which personal computer (PC) users normally use.

The cursor has also received various designs throughout the years. The original Roblox cursor that launched with the game in 2005 was long and cartoonish. The cursor then adopted a flat, short, paper plane-like appearance in 2013. The new cursor seems like a mix between the previous two. However, a lot of fans reportedly do not approve of the new look. As a result, Roblox has made it possible for users to switch back to the old cursor if they want to.

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