Rise of Kingdoms: Prize for KvK

The rewards that you receive from Kingdom versus Kingdom event in Rise of Kingdom are determined by your individual ranking as well as your Alliance’s ranking.

Rise of Kingdoms (ROK) allows you to conquer the world and to become the author of your kingdom’s history. Players can experience the world’s first true real-world-strategy gameplay in this epic tactical video game.

You can choose 1 of 13 unique kingdoms with which to start your Rise of Kingdoms experience. There are many game modes and activities you can enjoy, including the Kingdom versus Kingdom (KvK) event.

Events in Rise of Kingdoms

Events are considered the easiest way to earn valuable items in ROK. There are numerous events that you can participate in, each of which can last a few days or up to a week. When an event concludes, another event will replace its slot.

This creates an endless loop of events for players to enjoy. To view the in-game events, you can select the “Events” menu in the upper right corner of your screen.  Select the menu to discover all of the running events in the game.

Rise of Kingdoms: Prize for KvK

Rise of Kingdom’s Kingdom versus Kingdom (KvK) is a war mode that is extremely intensive and highly anticipated for most players across the globe. It puts you in a battle against other Kingdoms for a chance  receiving great rewards.

There are 4 different KvK events, which are divided into different seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 are known as The Lost Kingdom, whereas season 3 is known as Light and Darkness. Season 4, which is the latest season, is called Season of Conquest.

During KvK, you have to complete certain quests from the War of Conquest and other general KvK quests to earn Honor Points.

These points count towards your individual and alliance ranking in the KvK event. Once the event has concluded, the points are totalled and rewards are distributed based on your placing.

ROK players who end up in the top 20 will receive a cool skin. The skin is highly rated among players as it features a 5 percent skill damage buff, a 5 percent commander experience buff, and a 10 percent decrease in Infantry Attack.

In addition to individual rewards, KvK also rewards the top 50 Alliances. The top Alliance will get a luxury avatar frame. You will also receive rewards based on where your Kingdom finished during the KvK event.

Although every Kingdom receives rewards, the higher your Kingdom’s rank is, the better the rewards are that you will receive.

KvK 1 and KvK 2

To participate in KvK 1, you are required to create a new account within a new kingdom. This is because season 1 focuses on new players, but your city hall has to be level 16 or higher to enter the KvK map.

After completing season 1, you can participate in season 2. In season 2, 8 Kingdoms have to fight each other with each Kingdom arranged into a specific seed.

The match-making algorithm is implemented, and it ranks Kingdoms based on the power of the top 300 players.

You should therefore ensure that your Kingdom has enough power to influence the match-making algorithm. Moreover, your city hall has to be level 16 or higher in order to enter the KvK map.

KvK 3

All Kingdoms that are participating in KvK 3 in ROK will be randomly assigned into either Camp Solaria or Camp Lunaria.

Every camp consists of 4 Kingdoms, which you will be choosing between in the pairing period of pre-KvK. You then have to select your allies, which can help you win the battle.

While participating in KvK 3, you will be awarded special coins. You can donate these coins to the Grace of Soluna to increase the Technology in your camp. Furthermore, you have to complete certain tasks in KvK 3 to receive rewards.

At the time of writing this, the price of KvK 3 is unknown. Moreover, it is undetermined whether you have to complete the other seasons of KvK before you can enjoy KvK 3 or not.

KvK 4

In order to register for KvK 4, Kingdoms have to unite as 1 to choose their Story. Once the king of a Kingdom has been chosen and registered, all governors of that kingdom will be registered. After the registration period, kingdoms cannot change their story.

Kingdoms in the same story will be matched up according to event regulations. During KvK 4, you have to visit commanders in an attempt to gain their favour.

When you have their favour, your troops will be able to use additional support skills from the corresponding commanders.

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