Rise of Kingdoms: Commanders

Commanders can be regarded as the backbone in Rise of Kingdoms, as you need them to participate in the various gaming modes.


You can build your own kingdom from the ground up in this exciting mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms (RoK): Lost Crusade. Players have to come up with strategic plans to conquer the world in order to become the author of their kingdom’s history. You can call upon several historical figures to help you advance in the game.

All players will have the opportunity to select a civilization when they first start playing the game. Keep in mind that each civilization features their own commanders, advantages, benefits, and disadvantages. Moreover, the civilizations have unique architectural designs and layouts with which to customise your kingdom.

Rise of Kingdoms settlement
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What are the different the civilizations?

Civilizations are the backbone of the game. This is because you make all your important gaming decisions through them. Keep in mind that the civilization you choose has a great influence on your gameplay. You can choose one of the following civilizations:

  • Britain
  • Germany
  • China
  • Korea
  • Arabia
  • Japan
  • France
  • Spain
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Byzantium
  • Rome

All of these civilizations are divided into different categories, which are determined by their performance, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. This means that some of the civilizations are considered better than others due to the benefits they provide.

Rise of Kingdoms: Commanders

Every civilization has special units, historic commanders, stylish buildings, and benefits for you to enjoy. If you want to participate in a battle, you will need a commander. Every commander has 3 specialities that determine which talent trees can be levelled.

The commanders are divided into different categories, depending on their strength and power. Each civilization thus features legendary, epic, elite, and advanced commanders for you to choose from and acquire.

Moreover, each commander has 4 skills, which can be unlocked when they reach specific star levels. Keep in mind that Epic and Legendary commanders have a fifth mastery skill, and this enhances 1 of their 4 skills. You can unlock the additional skill by reaching level 5 in all 4 skills.

Players should note that there are different roles that their commanders can play. As this is entirely your decision, you can choose between player-versus-environment (barbarians) or rally leads. You can also choose between player-versus-player defence or rally leads.

Rise of Kingdoms- Commanders charles martel
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How to obtain a commander

The method for obtaining a commander depends on the commander type. This means that Epic Commanders cannot be obtained the same way as Legendary Commanders can. The following table indicates how to get each of the commander types:

Commander type How to obtain them

Legendary Commanders

·  Golden Keys

·  In-game events

·  Purchasing them with real life money

Epic Commanders

·  Silver and gold key events

Elite Commanders

·  In-game events

Advanced Commanders

·  In-game events

The Legendary Commanders are the most difficult to obtain, while the Elite and Advanced Commanders can be collected quite easily.

Commander specialisations

As previously mentioned, each commander has 3 unique specialisations. They allow your commanders to have unique skills. The combination of the specialisations differs to make each commander unique. Your commanders can have any 3 of the following specialisations:

  • Archer
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Integration
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Mobility
  • Support
  • Skill
  • Garrison
  • Gathering
  • Peacekeeping
  • Conquering
  • Versatility

Each of these specialisations have certain effects that can alter your gameplay. The cavalry commanders can lead cavalry troops, as they have additional strength. While defence commanders are perfect for ensuring that your city is heavily guarded to avoid intruders. It is alleged that you cannot change your commanders’ specialisations.

Rise of Kingdoms- Commanders minamoto no yoshitsune
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What are commander pairings?

You will be able to pair your commanders once you have reached the third-star upgrade. This can be a very useful feature if you pair your commanders correctly, as you will get added value to the commanders, and they will be more effective.

It is advised that players pick a commander pair attentively as the commanders should complement each other. If you select commanders that pair well, you will see that your game becomes much more intense and enjoyable.

Final thoughts

You can build your own kingdom from the ground up in this imaginative mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms (RoK): Lost Crusade. Players have to strategize to conquer the world in order to become the author of their kingdom’s history. You can call upon dozens of historical figures to help you advance and make progress in the game.

When you start playing the game, you will be able to choose a civilization. The game currently features 12 civilizations, each of which have their own commanders, special units, troops, buildings, and decorations. Commanders are the backbone of the game, as you will not be able to enjoy any of the gaming modes without them.

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